Spun Out of Control

by Abagail Rachelle 8 months ago in love

Part One

His name is Trent, he had my heart, for three years. He made every day beautiful. I was in a bad place and he always helped me. I was 15 when we met back in high school. W graduated together and we planned our life together.

This is my story and this is only the beginning of the beautiful and painful life I lived.

In high school, Trent and I were inseparable. We were the cutest couple in school, popular because we knew how relationships should be and we stayed strong.

His eyes were hazel, he was tanned and muscular, his hair a dirty blonde—everything I could dream of. He had my heart and he took care of me.

My name is Clarissa. The beginning of high school was hell but I had my best friend Trent and Ivory by my side everyday. After school, we'd hang out at the park and we'd enjoy life as we should.

First Day of Sophomore Year

I had fallen in love with my best friend.

Although, I had never seen us being a thing, something had changed. I got butterflies when I was around him, all of a sudden and I was at a loss for words. I was suddenly jealous when he'd talk about other girls.

Well, this is where it all began.

On September 4, Ivory and Trent came running over to me and hugged me as if we hadn't seen each other at all this summer.

"Hey guys!" I said laughing as I'm being hugged to death.

"We just really wanted to hug you so you know we still love you," Ivory says.

"I can see you love me extremely," I laugh.

First day of sophomore year, and they say it's supposed to be the worst year yet. I disagreed. For I was madly in love and love makes the world beautiful. Right?

A month or two go by and I haven't had the courage to tell Trent how I felt. During lunch, I am sitting on a bench next to a building near the library and Trent comes over and sits across from me.

"Hey, Clarissa." He says as this he gives me a cute smile and I notice his cute eye wrinkles.

I say hi back and he notices my slight discomfort.

"You okay? You seem nervous?" He asks. "You actually have been acting quite weird lately."

"I have?" I say slightly worryingly. "I'm sorry I just I've had a lot on my mind."

"Like what? Can you talk to me?" He asks while grabbing his sandwich to eat and looking as if he is expecting a story.

"I'll just say it, I like someone and I don't know how to tell him." I say.

"Well, I think you'd be way more less uncomfortable if you just told them. If they don't like you back, they're either crazy, stupid, or they're just not your destiny. So that being said, you just do it instead of wasting time because they could be searching for someone and before you know it'll be too late." His reply is intriguing.

"But, I'm in love. And I'm in love with you." I say quivering.

He drops his sandwich on his plate and looks at me wide eyed and gulps his sandwich down.

"Y-you do?" He asks.

"Yes and I can't help it. I've been in love with you." I reply instantly.

He moves from across the table and slides next to me.

"If I am being honest, I have always liked you."

And that is where it all began. Ivory later walked up from getting lunch and saw that me and Trent had fallen in love. Her happiness grew wide that we had both finally realized.

The best three years of my life started and I was the happiest girl in the world. He always put effort and always made me smile. If we had an argument we worked it out and saw each others point of view. High school threw a lot at me and I was trying my best to concur all obstacles.

I had straight A's.

My teachers were proud and I'd treat myself after school to go hang out with Ivory, Trent, and Ivory's girlfriend. We would all go on adventures, sometimes, double dates and life was perfect. I didn't see a downfall anywhere. The years went by so fast, we were getting ready for college and I was making my parents proud. I was popular, I was happy and everything was just as it should be.

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