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Soldier Boy and the Chokehold

I hate him and I love him

By Mae McCreeryPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
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I know he's supposed to be evil and horrible and make Homelander look like a Boy Scout but I cannot deny that at this very moment, I want Soldier Boy to smother me.

I'm not proud of this, and I would definitely not admit it to anyone I know in the real world, but I mean come ON>

Look at this man!!

I'm supposed to sit back and casually enjoy this show now? Like this absolute 100% texan beefcake didn't just destroy me for any romantic relationship with a man? Really?

I enjoyed The Boys before I heard about Ackles joining the team. I love Butcher and Hughie, and I want the Deep deep fried like calamari to be honest with you. But when I heard that Dean freakin' Winchester was joining the cast as Soldier Boy??? Pretty sure I fainted, don't really remember, it was late I was in bed and the next thing I knew was that I was furiously texting my sister with the news.

I love a good villain, after all the story is only as good as it;s villain. And now that Ackles is playing a true heartless horrible villain, I am about to lose my fucking mind.

I watched the first three episodes of Season 3, and while I was disappointed I did enjoy it.

No, there is not nearly enough Soldier Boy. They promised he was in 8 episodes and they lied. It was a lie. I know they have to build this up but come on. 3 episodes and all we get is some shitty black and white new reels and a 5 minutes flashback of him in Nicaragua from 1984?

I will admit, I watched that flashback scene 15 times already. I'm so mad how attracted I am to Soldier Boy barely containing rage after being talked down to by Mallory. She has a point and makes it very eloquently, but I'll be damned his little lip and cheek twitch is damn near hypnotic. As it the way her drops the rocket launched behind him and maintains eye contact with Mallory the whole time.

The eye contact.


He disgusts me.

But I would humor his incredibly sexist lines for a ride at the rodeo.

Don't lie to me or shame me, you would too.

Look. At. Him.

not my pic look at his insta

He got so buff for this role and I thank the gods every day for whoever convinced him to gain muscles and not just have them build a suit with muscles. That person was truly doing gods work and honoring all of the fans wishes.

I love Supernatural as much as the next fan, I've been watching religiously (pun intended) since season 7 aired. Sam and Dean Winchester got me through some pretty rough times, not just because of the show, but because of the charity work and non profit work they do especially for mental health. Never saw a bad story or experience with either of them in real life, they seem like genuinely good people.

Now that I've said that, I am more than ready to see Dean go full-horror and absolutely destroy people with malice. I did not get enough of Dean as a Demon or when he was possessed by the Archangel Michael, all of that will not make sense to a non-Supernatural fan, but if you know you know. Dean was never sexier than when he was walking around the Bunker with that red light behind him, yeah he was trying to kill his brother, but he looked damned good while doing it.

Judge me all you want, I will be diving headfirst into the dumpster that will be Soldier Boy Fanfic on Tumblr.

Look at this smirking son of a bitch. He KNOWS the chokehold he has on the fans. Ugh he;s gorgeous I can't.

not my pic


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