My Worst Date
My Worst Date

Social Media Dating Gone Horribly Wrong

by Zey Ayd 2 years ago in dating

Online Dating: Good or Bad?

Social Media Dating Gone Horribly Wrong

"Oh my, he's very attractive—and just liked my photo!"

Yes. We've all been there and thought that. What if that handsome guy had mutual friends with you and DM'd you on Instagram to get to know you? Would you reply? Would you get to know someone via the internet?

I did. I met a guy a year ago on Instagram. At first glance, he was very handsome. We got to know each other. Day by day. Week by week. Month by month. Sadly, he lived on the other side of the world. Luckily, I was going there on vacation in a few months. That was it; we made plans to hang out.

If you're going to meet a guy in person that you've met online, please do NOT go alone.

I landed in this country and went to my hotel. I was with my sister. Later that night, he was coming to pick me up. After a few months, we finally were going to meet in person. I asked him if it was okay that I bring my sister and he said it was fine.

He picked us up and brought us to a beautiful restaurant. We had dinner. We talked. He was very educated—it was obvious from the sentences he put together. After dinner, he asked if we wanted to see a great view of the city. He told us he knew this great place but they didn't serve alcohol, so we had to bring our own. We were definitely in.

He took a long way and drove around almost every street of the city so we could see and breathe in the beauty. His car had a sunroof, which he allowed us to open and poke our heads out of while he drove. It was after midnight, so there wasn't anyone out. We had the streets to ourselves.

He pulled up to his big five-story house in, what seemed to be, a very deserted area. Red flag number 1. We were waiting for a cafe or a restaurant. We were very hesitant but we went in. It was like a home office used for work and we were the only people there. He brought us to the fifth floor, to the terrace. There was the most beautiful view I've ever seen: absolutely stunning. The city was right there, under our feet.

It was a bit chilly, so he went inside to bring us blankets. He came out with one big blanket, sat in the middle, and asked us to come in the blanket with him. Red flag number 2.

He brought out cups for the wine we brought with us. He poured some into his cup and began drinking. This is when things started getting really awkward. He started asking us, me and my sister, really personal questions. Are you guys really, actually sisters? Are you sure?

He began talking to himself. "No, I can't do this." Started shaking his head. "No." "They're sisters." He kept murmuring things to himself that neither my sister nor I could understand—and kept drinking. Red flag number 3. He was our ride home!

He asked us if we wanted to drink more, my sister agreed. He went downstairs to get more but I told my sister it was time to go. He still had to drive us to the hotel: we didn't know where we were or a number to a taxi.

He came back upstairs and we told him it was time for us to go. He seemed very angry and upset. My sister and I rushed downstairs while he was putting away the blanket and cups. We waited by the door of the car. We couldn't wait to be home. This "date night" was turning into a horror night.

He came downstairs and we all got into the car. I sat in the front passenger seat and my sister sat in the back. This is when he started murmuring to himself, again. "Where is the taxi stop?" I turned and looked at my sister. He asked louder this time. This is when I replied, "I don't know. We don't live around here".

He got on the expressway. He was speeding—really, really fast. He put his hand on my leg, which I slowly pushed away. He stopped on the side of the highway, turned to my sister, and asked her if she wanted to switch seats with me. We were very scared at this point, thinking he stopped to kill us.

Yes, we were that scared.

She said sure, agreeing to not make him any angrier. We switched seats. I kept looking out the window, trying not to look at him and make eye contact with him. He kept turning around and looking at me, which I could see from the corner of my eye—I still had to keep an eye out for my little sister.

He turned, looked at me, and said, "Do you want to die tonight?" I felt as if someone poured hot water from the top of my head. My sister looked at me with extreme fear in her eyes. He began to speed more and more. We kindly asked him if he could slow down a bit. My sister had brought the wine bottle with her in case he tried to do something. She was holding it.

He stopped in the middle of the expressway, looked at her, looked at me, and started driving again. After a couple of minutes, we were at the hotel. We frantically got out of the car, basically running. He stopped us, called out to us, and started murmuring to himself again: shaking his head, he got back in his car and drove off.

We ran into the hotel.

We didn't feel safe until we got into our hotel room and locked our doors. We couldn't believe the experience we just had and that we were alive and safe.

I am very lucky that I didn't go alone. I am very lucky that neither my sister nor I were hurt. Everyone reading this: if you're meeting someone online for the first time in person, do NOT go alone.


Zey Ayd
Zey Ayd
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