Social Media Addiction Can Cause a Divorce

What to Do with This?

Social Media Addiction Can Cause a Divorce

Social media is a great tool to communicate and find interesting new people. However, many people make them the meaning of their lives. What if this is about your spouse and your marriage is on the verge of a divorce?

According to various surveys, one of the most popular reasons for divorce filing among couples is their addiction to social networks. Moreover, many sociologists and psychologists give a disappointing forecast that social networks will soon become the main cause of divorce.

Have you ever thought that the time you spend on social networks is inversely proportional to the happy emotions that family life brings? People who spend a lot of time in the virtual world and less with their spouses usually suffer from a feeling of dissatisfaction with their lives and frequent changes in mood.

Symptoms of Social Media Addiction

• Preference for virtual communication on social networks over live communication.

• Solving problems through social media.

• A huge share of emotions is associated with events on social networks. A person can spend a lot of time and emotions thinking about who liked recent posts, who didn’t do it, and why.

• You experience problems in family and professional life, real relationships are destroyed due to activity in social networks.

• You feel the need to spend more and more time online.

• Your experience irritation when someone tries to remind you that you do not feel reasonable limits in social media usage.

• You're lying to people about how much time you spend online.

• You make unsuccessful attempts to control your online activities and time spent there.

If at least half of these symptoms are observed, which lasts for at least six months, then this indicates the presence of dependence.

How Social Networks Can Destroy Marriage

• Comparison of your spouse with other people

When you get into the virtual world, then you come across beautiful photos. All the people seem successful and happy. All women look like models, men are dressed in expensive clothes and drive luxury cars. This leads to the situation when you begin to compare your spouse with ideal people from social networks. Sooner or later this will lead to constant discontent and criticism. And this will cause a conflict and claims to each other for both spouses.

• The emergence of secret correspondence

Psychologists often claim that the usual seemingly virtual chatting can cause a real emotional dependence between the interlocutors. The longer the communication takes place, the stronger this connection becomes. Concealment of correspondence from a spouse, a desire to go out to chat in another room, and constant holding of a phone may indicate that there is a secret interlocutor of the opposite sex. Such behavior will cause not only jealousy but also a strong resentment against the spouse.

• Cheating partner

Unfortunately, innocent social media communication tends to grow into something serious. And a virtual romance can transform into a full-fledged and real one. According to many surveys, a lot of lovers have found each other on social networks.

• Unwillingness to spend time with family

Psychologists have repeatedly emphasized that the desire to spend more time on virtual communication affects the desire of the spouse to pay attention to the family. A spouse wants to escape from the routine, and take a look on beautiful life once more. The partner receives aesthetic pleasure from this and wants to get away from everyday problems. A return to reality causes irritation and a desire to leave away from home.

• Constant attention to social networks

Thus, we get a vicious circle from which it is impossible to get out. Once addicted, young boys and girls get so used to social networks that real life with its problems brings only anger and annoyance, while the world on the mobile screen is always beautiful and flawless.

How to Save Marriage from Social Networks?

In order to distract a partner from communicating on the Internet, you can show him that real life can be much more exciting than correspondence. You can offer your spouse to go on a trip to be together and talk more. If this is not possible, then suggest watching an interesting film or visiting some new places.

One option is to talk openly and say that you love your spouse and you want to spend more time with him or her. Ask him to agree on how much time each of you will spend on the Internet, and how much - together. Only you need to remember that spending time together should cause some positive emotions that can draw the spouse's attention back to family life.

What to Do If It Is Too Late to Save the Marriage?

Many couples decide to divorce since the prints of virtual life have not disappeared. If the dependence on social networks has become like a drug, and one of the partners is completely satisfied, then you will have to act radically and alone. In this case, it is necessary to correctly approach the divorce process. Of course, this is not the most pleasant solution. But sometimes this becomes the only way to return to normal life.

Start with OnlineDivorcer where you can find the information you need to know about legal divorce forms. Also, find out how to file divorce online so you don’t waste nerves or time. It is enough that social networks have done this. Should you turn to professionals? With the help of professionals, you can make divorce so easy that you yourself will be surprised. However, be prepared to pay a lot for this pleasure.

The Final Thoughts

Social networks can affect family relationships, but if there are harmony and love between spouses, then no Internet correspondence can destroy it. You need to communicate more, spend time together, and also respect each other, then social networks will not be able to influence a strong marriage.

And finally, we would like to mention one strange pattern. Social media is believed to help keep in touch with distant relatives. However, under their influence, ties with the closest are destroyed. Think about whether the virtual world is worth ending your marriage with a divorce.

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