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Six Interesting Pelican Facts that Improved My Understanding of People and Life

by Catalinut 2 months ago in humanity
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The animal kingdom has so much to teach us.

There have been pelicans for a very long time. Researchers have discovered pelican fossils that go back 30 million years. In France, fossils were discovered. The bird that was identified had a beak that closely resembled the pelicans of today. Except for Antarctica, they are present on every continent. They mostly live in warm climates.

1. Different Types of Pelicans

There are eight living pelican species: American white pelican, Brown pelican, Peruvian pelican, Great white pelican , Australian pelican, Pink-backed pelican , Dalmatian pelican, Spot-billed pelican.

My Takeaway

There are many different ethnicities on the planet as well as many different tribes. Our differences make the world more beautiful. They shouldn’t be a reason for us to fight each other. The main thing to remember is that even though we all look different, we are all human.

2. Pelicans can Float on Water

Pelicans can float on water. You’re probably wondering how such a big bird manages to stay afloat on water, apart from pedalling furiously! It turns out they have air pockets in the skeleton and beneath the skin. This enables pelicans to float high in water.

My Takeaway

There are people who always seemed to succeed at whatever they do. They never seem to have any problems. When I compare them to pelicans, I realise that you never know what hidden resources they have which helps them stay afloat. It could be support from friends and family inheritance savings good health or supportive work colleagues.

3. Pelicans Have Hidden Nostrils

Pelicans technically have nasal openings but the nostrils are sealed off and hidden beneath the beak’s horny sheath. The hidden nostrils house special glands which remove excess salt from the bird’s blood stream. This is a lifesaver as pelicans ingest seawater to survive. Because of this, they breathe mainly through the mouth.

My Takeaway

There’s a popular world which is floating around nowadays. It is the word toxic and it is used to describe people who are are not good for you. Advisors and counsellors usually li1 people to stay away from those they deem toxic. This is not always possible however and I have noticed that there are people who seem to cope very well around toxic people and even thrive despite their circumstances.

When I compare them to pelicans I realise that they obviously have systems in place that flush out any toxicity that they may be absorbing from the toxic people around them. In this way they are not poisoned but are able to carry on with their lives as normal.

4. Pelicans Don’t Live On Fish Alone

Pelicans feed mainly on fish which they catch near the water surface in inland and coastal waters. However, their diet is a lot more varied and interesting as they also eat turtles, insects, crustaceans, birds, mammals and amphibians.

My Takeaway

Have you ever noticed that there are people who never seem to be broke or they never seem to run out of resources? You may both be doing the same job and earning the same salary but their salary seems to to go much farther than yours does.

When I compare them to pelicans I note that that some people do not just rely on their mainstream job for their living requirements. Nowadays in particular most people have side hustles they do not spend this money but invested or save it. When hard times come you realise that they have more resources than you have because they didn’t just rely on one source of income.

5. Pelicans Have a Tiny but Strong Tongue

Pelicans have a very tiny tongue. This enables it to swallow large fish. When they open their mouth they inflate an air sac to display their tongue.The pelican has flexible tongue muscles. This enables it to form the pouch into a basket for catching fish or rain water.


When I am lost for words or feel as if I don’t have much to say I think of the pelicans. They know how to put their tongues to good use. I may not know everything about life and how the world works. However, if I put the little knowledge I have to good use, if I develop a strong voice in a particular area that I am comfortable with, it could help me catch large fish and water - in other words earn good income.

6. Pelicans Are Social Birds

Pelicans are not like eagles which fly alone. They are gregarious birds and travel in flocks. They hunt together and also breed in colonies.

My Takeaway

Humans are social beings. We need each other to succeed. Businesses need customers to buy from them writers need readers to read their work. Pelicans are a great reminder that no man is an island.

I wrote this article in the hope that somewhere someone would read it learn from it and benefit from it.


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