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Signs Your Wife Is Bored With You (Signs Your Wife Doesn't Love You Anymore)

First of all I'm very sorry that you're looking for signs your wife is bored with you. It's never fun to be in that position. Want to know the signs your wife doesn't love you anymore? Well, you're probably misguided and thinking that you need a bunch of other perspectives and points of view.

By John BillPublished 3 years ago Updated 2 years ago 6 min read

Want to know the tell-tale signs that your wife doesn't love you anymore?

Many have succeeded at recognizing that there is a problem in their marriage even though many others have failed. The difference between success and failure is often in the way the person doing it approaches the task. Listed here are some guidelines to help you be among the list of winners, as an individual that succeeds. Look at the following evidences and respond correctly to them. Then you can be reasonably sure that you'll get good results!

You first have to know what the problem is if you want to get your wife back.

Many people have done this, responded correctly. If you do that, there is a good chance that you will be able to get your spouse back.

Look at some of the tell-tale signs that your wife doesn't love you anymore.

1. She Stops Sharing Her Feelings

First, you want to see if she stops sharing with you. It's most important that you recognize this and respond to it correctly. If you do it this way, you will end up in good shape. When you neglect it or neglect to pay attention, you may be facing continued distancing of your wife from yourself. If you do it wrong by being pushy, though, then you could have problems with driving her further away.

2. She Makes Excuses to Avoid Being with You.

Second, you really need to not bury your head in the sand when you see this happening. This is essential, and it will likely be crucial in determining whether you succeed or fail. It is necessary for these reasons: If you just ignore it, it will likely get worse. Failing to recognize this will more than likely mean that you will simply cope by finding your own things to do. And also you will eventually fail at rebuilding that intimacy your marriage should have.

3. She Begins to Criticize Many Little Things

Third, you must remember to notice if she becomes more and more critical of you. Should you neglect this or get it wrong, you really should only be prepared to feel more and more worthless.

4. She Becomes More and More Touchy

This may be another sign that your wife doesn't love you anymore.

Follow these tips for responding to those signs.

Don't ignore the signs. Deal with them.

Confront your spouse. If an affair has happened, it will be more difficult to correct the situation. However, if an affair has not taken place, ask if your wife is ready to try one more time to restore and improve the marriage. If so, get help from good books or from going to get some help from someone you trust.

Don't be defensive and try to justify your wrongs. In fact, if you always agree with your wife when she is, or could possibly be, right, you will probably get her to open up and share her feelings with you again. (If she is just plain wrong, you can just be quiet and not contradict even that.)

This will disarm her, and maybe it will remove some of that unjust criticism she is throwing your way.

When she is touchy, be patient. Look for responsive times to work on rebuilding.

If you follow these tips, you will in all likelihood succeed and enjoy every one of the rewards and benefits that follow.

Warning: This information will put you on the way to success. Ignore it and the prediction is just not good. The choice is yours... follow these suggestions and come out ahead; ignore them and you will most likely not. Failure to follow these tips and get more information will mean that restoration of your marriage will most probably remain only an elusive dream!

How to Be Open to Intimacy

Have you ever related to your spouse/partner in a totally non-defensive, emotionally open way?

If you have, in that moment you and your spouse/partner were vulnerable and receptive to each other's emotional needs/experiences. To do this, you were able to free yourself from the emotional blocks that so many men struggle with-you were unencumbered by the stereotypes and preconceived notions about masculinity that stand in the way of an authentic emotional connection.

During moments of deep emotional intimacy there is no pretense or ego at work.

Unfortunately, these non-defensive moments of connection don't last. Like so many couples, you may cycle from patterns of emotional connection with your spouse/partner, to periods of disconnection (not necessarily total disconnection-think of connection and disconnection as running along a continuum).

Why is emotional intimacy so difficult for men to achieve and maintain?

Are men trapped in an emotional straitjacket, unable to maintain a level of intimacy required by the marital and relationship standards of the twenty-first century?

There is no easy answer to these questions-parts of this complex puzzle include genetics, developmental influences, family and culture.

The kind of intimacy desired by women (wanting men to talk more, express themselves and share feelings) often conflict with our masculine ideals. Requests for greater intimacy require that men experiment with new ways of being and relating-in order to achieve this, we may need to rethink our definition of what it means to be a man (the strong, silent type is clearly outdated).

In my work as a psychologist and couples counselor, I've seen firsthand how men can steer the course of their relationship destiny in a positive way. To achieve this takes ongoing vigilance and work.

Relationship Help: What's Needed for Intimacy?

For intimacy to flourish, men need to learn how to experience (and tolerate) "softer" feelings, including feelings of helplessness.

Men often feel helpless when we see our wives/girlfriends upset about something and any feeling of helplessness tends to drive us into problem-solving mode, an approach that ends up frustrating our spouse/partner (in these instances problem-solving invalidates the other person's emotional experience).

Experiencing a wider range of emotions (which includes feelings of sadness, longing, helplessness) means having the feeling without reacting in any way-without trying to immediately eradicate the feeling by fixing the situation through some form of action.

Often when men start to have these softer emotions, we react against them (because they conflict with and threaten our stoic sensibility) by becoming frustrated or angry. In order to learn how to tolerate and then fully experience these emotions, we need to literally sit with these feelings. The challenge is to become mindful of them (and how they affect our bodies), to relax our bodies (rather than tense up) and to breathe into these uncomfortable experiences.

And ultimately, we need to observe these feelings without judgment!

Today marriages and committed relationships require men to be emotionally available and supportive in ways that challenge what we've learned and internalized from our male role models. Many of the traits acquired in our childhoods (and our culture) are often restrictive and smothering and prevent meaningful intimacy. The challenge for men is to discover ways to hold onto the traits of masculinity that we value, while removing (or at least marginalizing) the traits that erode the intimacy we all desire.

To be in a healthy marriage/relationship you must work to understand how the traditional versions of masculinity prevent you from being a considerate, compassionate and emotionally available partner without it feeling like you are required to abandon your entire identity as a man. Let's consider this a work in progress.

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