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Mom and Son Parody of a famous vine, to brighten your quarantine days

By Jasper WolfPublished 3 years ago • 3 min read
TIK TOK Credit @CsaPunch

I don't normally scroll Tik Tok. I have a business that i'm starting, so I don't have time for it. Although, on facebook one day, this Tik Tok video was on my feed. It's a parody of one of my favorite vines. It's a reminder of my best friend and I. How much fun we have. Of course, I'd be the one singing. I'm normally the one who would turn up the radio and say, "I know you know this song! Listen!"

As much as my best friend loves me, she rolls her eyes like the son in the video does. She would walk away, but most of the time she's trapped in my car, so she can't. Sometimes she'll go as far as turn off the song as shown in the original vine. Most of the time, she'll just stare at me, but I don't pay attention because i'm already showing all my dance moves to the cars around me. They stare too, but it's only because they wish they were me.

While quarantine was happening, I wasn't able to see my best friend. We work together, so we saw each other everyday. When i'm feeling down or she's feeling down, I send her funny videos. Every time I come across this specific one, I send it her way. I tell her, "You already know." I know it makes her smile.

My Best Friend and I

Not only do I bombard her with this video, but I share it with other friends that this mother reminds me of. I know quite a few of my friends who dance like this lady and love to embarrass their kids.

Watching this video, you can't help but smile. Many Tik Tok videos make you look sideways and often make you wonder about different people in this world. Makes you wonder if there are other worldly beings that reside here, like on the famous movie MIB.

Social Media is definitely #1 in the world for keeping people busy while locked up in their house. Snapchat, twitter, facebook, tik tok, instagram are all swarming with people who are bored and have nothing better to do. Because of this crazy lockdown, people are saying goodbye to summer bodies and getting prepared for their post quarantine bodies.

I know there are quite a few people who I have known personally that make tik tok videos. I'll walk in a room and there is somebody dancing in front of their phone to some music and trying to get the dance right. If they mess up, they do it over. It's repetitive, like a broken record.

You also have people who do challenges that go viral. Some are dangerous, but normally, people don't care. They are interesting to watch. One challenge that came out a couple years ago actually caught my attention. It was the "Invisible box challenge." To this day, I have no idea how people do this. I feel like maybe some people are born to mimes. It's actually quite impressive, I'm ashamed that I tried it myself, off of video. This is what it is supposed to look like.

Quite impressive right? Looks pretty easy. I looked at this video and said, "I can do that!" I bet you're saying that too. So I got the gumption up and said, "Ok, watch this." This is probably what I looked like:


Regardless of how weird I think somethings are. Tik Tok and other social media videos leave smiles on people's faces during this time of turmoil. It's not easy staying in the house and away from loved ones. Without all of this technology, we wouldn't be able to keep in contact while locked away. So keep making videos, silly people. And we'll keep smiling.

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