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Should I Stay In My Marriage or Leave (How Do You Know When To Walk Away From A Marriage)

There's no one simple answer to the question should I stay in my marriage or leave? But there are some general guidelines that you can consider if you're in this situation. If you've been asking yourself how do you know when to walk away from a marriage, you need to seriously weigh all of your options before you make a decision.

By Hailey SadiePublished 2 years ago 5 min read

Are you asking yourself - should I stay in my marriage? The answer as to whether to stay in your marriage depends on what is wrong with your marriage and why you think you should stay.

There are many reasons why marriages fall apart but there are common "themes". For example, people just tend to drift apart and are living in loveless marriages. Sometimes, people or circumstances change and the marriage cannot adapt to that change. Partners may have affairs or develop serious problems such as alcohol or gambling addictions. The most serious problem, of course, is abuse - physical, verbal or mental.

The first question you have to ask yourself is whether you or your children are in danger or whether you will suffer serious hardship (such as financial or legal) if the marriage continues. If the answer to this question is yes, then you really do not have a choice and you should not stay in your marriage. Consulting with an attorney for legal advice is an important step in determining whether you are at this point in your marriage.

The second question you have to ask yourself is, if the above is not true, can the problems in your marriage be resolved or can you save your marriage? In order to determine this, you need to pinpoint exactly what the issues are and work to resolve them. You can either do this with your spouse or in counseling. If your spouse will not seek marriage counseling with you, go by yourself. Counseling is never a bad thing and, while it may not help your marriage, it certainly may help you in answering these questions. If you truly want to save your marriage, then all options should be exhausted before you considering leaving.

The last question you need to ask yourself, if you have worked through the other two, is whether you can continue to live in your current state of existence. Everyone has their breaking point and you will know when that is. If you reach a point where you are so unhappy that you simply cannot bare to continue to live your life the way it is, then you know that you can no longer stay in your marriage.

You also need to ask yourself why you are staying. If you are staying because you still hold out hope that your marriage can be saved, then you need to make sure you are continuing to work on the issues. If there is no more progress to be made or if your spouse refuses to address them, then you have your answer as to whether the marriage can be saved and whether you should stay. If you are staying because of finances, then you should consult with an attorney to see if this truly is an issue. Some people only believe that they cannot financially afford a divorce because they are not aware of the support or property division laws in their state. If you are staying because of the children, don't. Children don't need parents who are together, they need parents who are healthy and happy. There are many children of divorced parents who do just fine.

Deciding whether to divorce is a big decision and should not be taken lightly. I encourage you to thoroughly work through the above questions before you take that last step. If you have done that and you still feel that you can no longer stay in your marriage, you absolutely should consult with an attorney to find out what legal and financial effects a divorce will have on you. Armed with all of this information, you can then answer the question of should I stay in my marriage.

Resurrecting the Romance In A Failing Marriage

The process of saving your marriage can be a simple one. Or it can be much more complicated and require special help. Once in a while though, the romance has simply evaporated and all that's left is the companionship. This can leave you discontented in the relationship because you feel more distant from the person you fell in love with even though you are still very attached to them on an emotional level. In this article, I'd like to show you a couple ways to bring the romance back.

The goal here should be to scatter some sparks of romance back into your relationship at least once per week, so set aside time every single week to do so. It's only with repeated injections of passion that you'll be able to rekindle that dying flame. Otherwise, it's too easy to put off your next romantic moment until your financial situation is handled, until the kids go back to school, until the kids go to college, until you lose a few pounds, etc. No excuses-set aside time every single week if you're serious about saving your marriage.

One idea is to have a date night. Put on your sexiest clothes and hit the town for a nice dinner (even fast food can be romantic if you change a few things like sitting next to each other instead of across the table), dancing, a makeout session at the movies, a wine tasting, or anything else you like. Make it feel classy, and end the night with some seductive gazing into each other's eyes before retiring to the bedroom.

Another is try something adventurous. Test drive some of each other's dream cars, go skydiving, hit the paintball arena, or just sneak off for the night to a cheap hotel and drink wine while you laugh about the incredibly nasty shower and the scotch-guarded mattress. The point is to share something you're not used to doing and that you both enjoy, so that you have a memory to laugh about later and remember how much fun you have together.

Keep some pictures around the house that remind you of your past romantic events, all the way back to when you first started dating. If there was a special trip you took together, try to find a few pictures from it and put them in frame together. If your wedding picture is collecting dust in the attic, wipe it off and hang it in the living room. If you remind yourselves of past romance, you'll feel more inclined to engage in a little more.

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