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Shelter Me

A place of peace and rest

Shelter Me
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Warm Fires. Candles Lit. A journal and a pen. Plants scattered around the room, faery lights decorating along the walls. I sit curled up in a blanket, writing out my whole world.

Business Plans. Action Plans. Exercise plans. But the most important one? Cracking open my internal world, discovering with curiosity the universe that exists inside me. The light. The shadow. The wounds and the healing. The blueprint of the soul that makes me passionate about the things that exist in my material reality.

This space-this curled up romantic almost feeling room is my safety. It is where I cry, where I laugh, where I want to punch a wall-it is my world of exploration, of creation. There is no judgement here, no should haves, would haves, maybes.

Politics, the war between right and left-the harrowing news of Covid-19 and the pressures of finances that are slowly dwindling down by the day, fades into the noise of the 3D material world, and I escape into a realm of the in between-the void where creation from within comes at its finest. It's in the quiet-that I rest and as I write-I know longer think. Magic comes when we don't force the words, allowing them to flow.

I often wonder as I sit here if others have found this quiet shelter that suits who they are, that brings forth their best and sometimes their most heartbroken moments. If they don't, and their reading this-then this is your invitation.

I invite you to sit in the front of the fire, a comfortable couch underneath you. Cold? Have a blanket that will come around you like a warm hug. Tea? Let it warm the chill in the bones on a cold winter day.

As you sit here, take in the scents. Vanilla from a candle on the mantel, cinnamon from the candle furthest to the right by the window. Fresh plants that remind you of a spring morning, and soft ambient light to allow you to rest. No productivity, no rushing around-no gotta get up and go.

Here. Now. This present space. Time freezes here-it does not go backwards, nor forward. It rests-allowing stillness to overtake humanity and bring forth a cloak of eternal love for you to lean into. Release here what you must, manifest your dreams or just sit and allow the scents, sounds of the fire to warm you.

Is this your first time? I come to this space often, every day. The material presses in sometimes-harsh and unyielding in its ever growing chaos day by day. The list of stresses is long and the emotion high.

You are free here as am I when I come into this space. Let your spirit out, let it guide you. Be alive, dip your hand into an infinite sea of stars that rests in the cells in your body and rejuvenate them-dancing among the leaves as you find the core of you buried underneath this world.

Don't worry about coming back to the material world. I created this space, this cozy little nook so I could rest and bring peace to a mind and heart troubled by the world's outcomes. Music filters in the background, whatever you wish. Let it be fuel, igniting inspiration to create something within, aching to be in the world, an impact like no other.

This is a sacred place, it's my place that I created for me, but I have no problems sharing-so that you, you who are weary and tired and broken-you who are wandering, alone. Wander in, fellow human, come sit for a moment.

I reach out my hand, a mug of something warm to you.

"Welcome home, Friend. Tea?"

Nicole Elizabeth
Nicole Elizabeth
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Nicole Elizabeth

Single Mama of Two Beautiful children. StarSeed-Indigo child. Massage Therapy Student. I am a big spiritualist. I love to learn, write and dance. I am an empath. I love to laugh and make magic. I create my life. Designed to make an impact

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