Salt Daddies and Fakes

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There's a lot out there.

Salt Daddies and Fakes

In the world of sugar, there are several names or terms for fake daddies or wannabes. I'm here to clear up any confusion or questions. I will be using the term Splenda or salt a lot but some of this can be true for scammers too. A lot of girls prefer online and some of this can be used for that so take this advice and apply it to what you want. Let's dive in—we have a lot to cover.

Splenda daddies are guys that want to be a daddy but they don't have the funds to do so. These guys may offer to pay for dinner, some of these guys may even give you a little cash, but it is nowhere near what a real daddy could do. They may not give you any money. A way to spot these guys is that they will low ball you, never offer to pay (or spoil) you, or they never have cash for you. They also can't give you gifts that real daddies can give you. They may even straight out tell you they can't pay.

Now, salt daddies are fake daddies. It's questionable whether or not they have money. Believe it or not, there are some daddies who have money that just don't want to pay—some just think that women owe them. They will lie about how much they make to get people to talk to them.

Now, let's talk about how to spot a salt or Splenda daddy. The test drive daddy is one I have run into. This is a type of Splenda or salt daddy who will want to sleep with you outside of an arrangement. One guy I talked to said it was to see who was best suited for him so he would go to the girl's hotel room or house (sometimes one right after another) and have sex with them then leave. A salt or Splenda daddy will tell you that they can't pay you or they will say they will get you next time. Some may ask for nudes right away. Asking for clothed pictures is okay. Don't give out personal info like your bank account. Other info like address and real names are fine to share but be careful. Some daddies share their numbers on their profiles or give it right away and in my experience those guys are scammers. If they are asking for an address right away, run. Also don't buy cards like iTunes or gift cards to prove yourself. Some daddies want to use prepaid cards or gift cards to pay you, don't trust it. Salt or Splenda daddies will never talk about money or what they will do for you. If the daddy will never go into what he will do for you, run.

Let's also talk about salt or Splenda daddy myths. Not all sugar daddies want to give an allowance and this does not make him a salt or Splenda daddy. He may want to give you money or gifts as he sees fit. Pay per meets is up for debate. I see no problem with it as long as you get paid. Now one girl on YouTube believes that if they say "no hookers, no gold diggers, no escorts, and no whores" either on their profile or on the first date, they're a fake or they are demeaning you. Sugar babies are none of these things so real daddies have the right to not want those things. It's not a means to degrade you or discourage you. You're not a sex worker, so why be offended by someone stating that they don't want one? Another myth that I heard in a video on YouTube is that any guy who tells you "I'm young at heart, I don't need to pay for sex" or if he says he isn't going to pay for sex or he doesn't have to, then he's a fake. This is so wrong. Sugar daddies don't pay for sex or sex acts! Now if you have sex with a daddy, that's fine, but you should not have to have sex or do any type of sexual act to be paid. Another myth is that is if the guy calls and texts a lot is not a bad thing; now if that's not, what do you want to be with this guy?

Now there are time wasters like the guys who talk all the time, then he ghosts or stands you up. There is another red flag that is for anything—not just a salt or Splenda daddy thing and that's the guy who says he needs to go to his hotel room to grab something. Don't go to the room with him. Wait in the lobby. Now there is also the thing of some guys pressuring you into sex or anything you are not comfortable with (this includes unsafe sex).

Some girls think that a sugar daddy is a salt or Splenda daddy just because a daddy is looking for something different than her or different than any other daddy and that is not true. Sugar daddies can want a long term or short term arrangement. They don't have to give allowance. Not all arrangements look the same so be aware of the difference between not your brand of sugar and salt.

If you run into a salt daddy, Splenda daddy, or scammer, report them on whatever app or site you found them on and then block them. If you didn't find them on a site, then just block them. With time wasters, just ignore them. If that doesn't work, then block them. A lot of girls don't report daddies but to me, the daddies will keep doing what they're doing just with someone else.

The Splenda and salt daddies are the main reason I'm not really a fan of the strictly online arrangement. It just seems like you are more likely to run into these kinds of daddies with the strictly online arrangements. I know a lot of girls are nervous about meeting in person but if you are smart and safe about it, then you really don't have anything to worry about.

The last thing you've got to remember is if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There is a type of daddy that is called a whale daddy that offers an allowance of around $4,000 a month, but those are rare and that is a per month price. So if they offer a crazy amount for one day or one thing, ask questions and be suspicious of them.

Keep a level head about this and be smart about it. I didn't write this post to make you paranoid or suspicious of everyone, but to educate girls about this topic.

Lena Bailey
Lena Bailey
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