Salt and Fake Daddies Again

by Lena Bailey 4 months ago in dating

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Salt and Fake Daddies Again

So this on going series is powered by how much I'm learning and also by how much these bad or salt daddies evolve. Also people ask me questions about these fakes and scams. So here are more information about fake and bad daddies.

So there's a type of bad daddy that you need to be aware of, it's the daddy who only talks about himself. Now, part of your job as a sugar baby is to let your daddy vent if they need to, but there's guys who don't care about you or learning about you, which is a problem. This is a problem because sugar is supposed to be mutually beneficial, which means you need to be important in the relationship too.

There's some guys who spell stuff way off (dis instead of this) and if he does this, you know he may be too young or immature to be a real sugar daddy. Some people say if daddies talk or type like that then he may be faking being rich and successful in some instances that may not be true. If he is controlling, let him loose. Also, if he scolds you for stuff like you're a child, then you need to let him go.

We have to talk about sex again. This is a huge issue in sugar because people will always get confused when it comes to sex and sugar. A lot of daddies do expect sex, but there's a difference between giving them sex and getting paid for sex. A huge red flag is when all they talk about is sex or being naked. Also if he asks you to keep an open mind about his sexual tastes, he may be into way kinkier stuff than you're into, or stuff you just don't want to do. Some daddies, when you try to change the topic from sex, may not even respond. I had a guy, no joke, when I asked what he expected from a sugar baby and what the baby will get in return, he said, "I expect a blow job and I invest in businesses." When I ask him if he will invest in a girl without receiving a blow job, he said no. What he is saying doesn't sound like an investment, it sounds like prostitution. If he won't pay you unless you do anal, a blow job, or give him sex, then he is not looking for a sugar baby; he is looking for a street walker, it's that simple.

Let's talk about the pay-per-meet arrangements. There are some girls that don't want an on-going thing, which is fine, but if sex is involved in a pay-per-meet, then I hate to say it, but you're basically a prostitute. The difference between pay per meet and allowance is that allowance arrangements you text and meet up for the money; but with pay per meet, you get paid for everything that happens on that date, including sex. The daddy may want to pay you for the first date, which is fine because sex shouldn't happen on the first date.

Let's talk about the guys who try to reserve you by giving you an advance in allowance. Now, if you guys already met and you know he's good for it, then go ahead let him send you money in advance. For advance payments, use stuff like PayPal. I wouldn't trust money wiring. Never give your bank information, even with someone you know. If you don't know the person who wants to give you the allowance advance, they could flake on you. I also had a daddy who told me that if I just stuck around, he would give me money or a gift and I only got half of what is owed to me.

Flakes will promise to meet up with you or give you something and then you will never see him or get what is promised. Only give them two or three chances and then walk away. Flakes are the main reason why I believe in multi-dating in sugar. There are some men who will ask you to delete your accounts before you even meet; don't do that because they could be a flake or a fake. If you really like this guy and you already met him, then the choice is up to you.

Lena Bailey
Lena Bailey
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