Roundhouse Romance (Part 1)

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Roundhouse Romance (Part 1)

Roundhouse romance.

There are four homes within roundhouse romance.

1) Water

I look at you and I see me, you look at me and you see you. A true reflection of what I've known to be true, what I've known to be real, what I've known to be my peace. I've always known, I've just finally taken hold of its hand and it's now staring right at me, smiling right at me and confirming all that I've known. The reflection lies in the stillness of the water, this home belongs to the truth of your biggest pain and your biggest peace, it will show you your biggest fears and your biggest strengths. This home within the roundhouse romance says "to be naked around someone, that's easy, most people do it without blinking, but it's hard to be open and even harder to be transparent." Alas, water has its chaos as well as its stillness. Ripples. Sometimes your vision is blurred, sometimes the ripples look like questions, the ones that make you feel uneasy, uncomfortable and out of balance. The ripples make you dizzy and so sometimes you can't think straight and you aggressively shake your head more and more in hope to silence your mind from the confusion, but it just gets worse. This home in these moments is telling you to let go and release into the waves instead of fighting them; you'll never see the bottom again if you also fight, just let it drift 'til it's still again. Don't try too hard to think what caused the ripples, who is at the fault of unsettling the water and which person will take the responsibility of calming the water back down because sometimes the water will ripple to test you, not anyone else around but you. You can get mad and walk away from perfectly good, drinkable water and thirst 'til you find new waters, but remember the new waters are likely to have flown and grown from the old waters; it's just a bit further downstream, you cannot run on the water and so, therefore, you cannot run from the water. Stay calm and remember what the stillness of the water had taught you, as there is a lesson in every ripple and stillness.

The more you fight the harder it gets for you to see, see that the ripples are a beautiful part that makes up roundhouse romance; it teaches you more than any still reflection could teach you. The destruction of the ego and the fullness of the soul. The destruction of inhumanity and the fulfillment of being hue-man.

So what have you learnt from this home? What will you take from this home? Is this a comfortable home to take shelter in for you, or do you need to work on being more transparent? This home is very important in roundhouse romance because it likes the other houses. Water is only water, nothing more nothing less. It's not 90% water and 10% juice, it's not 70% stones and 30% water. It is just water. It comes into roundhouse romance 100% water, which is an important lesson this home teaches you. "Emotional independence begins with the development of inner resources (- anonymous)." Bringing in 50% into this home of roundhouse romance only means we have already given the expectation to the other partner to build and fulfill the other 50% of who you are, who you want to be, who you will become.

A common word just used now... you. In life you take full responsibility for who you are, you don't sit back and let 50% of you be filled up by your partner or your neighbour or even your parents; if you live your life blaming and being lazy about your own life, you'll be easier to fool and control, which is another reason why the ripples are very important—they tell you when you've gone out of balance and when you're lost and need to focus on what you've always known to be true to yourself. The water's home, much like the others, tells you to come into roundhouse romance a whole in each home. Is this hard? Yes. But are you just experiencing this hue-man experience as best as you can? Yes.

Evidently, "we want to able to stand on our own, but stand a little taller in a relationship. We want to bring an identity to the table and have it reflected to us a little brighter (- Iyanla Vanzant)."

"Remember that you are water. Cry. Cleanse. Flow."

Ruhani khadijah
Ruhani khadijah
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