Romance of Our Generation

by Nalana Phillips 12 months ago in dating

The views expressed in this article are my own. I do not wish to influence or make anyone feel they have to think the same way.

Romance of Our Generation

So I got to thinking the other day.

Romance has died in our generation and we are the ones that killed it.

Somewhere between my grandparent's generation and ours, romance and wooing died.

I am not sure what went wrong? I know though that I have been single for 10 years, and not once in those 10 years have I dated anyone.

It's not just me either! I have a lot of female friends who feel the same.

Now it seems all men want to do is hook or have a one nighter.

What happened to the good old days of when a man would drive up to your house and pick you up? Take you out on a date? Buy you flowers and chocolates?

Have men just gotten lazy or have us woman just stopped requiring it?

Are we too aware of our sexuality that romance has fallen to the wayside?

Shouldn't we want both or is it asking too much?

I don't think it is.

All the woman out there ask your selves, does your man romance you still or has he stopped because you are requiring him to do it anymore?

I feel that this generation of woman needs to step up and say no more! We want the romantic gestures back! We want men to put forth a little effort on their parts. And not just expect us to jump into bed after the first day of getting to know you.

If it's like this now? What is going to be like in our children's generation?

We must be the ones to take it back to the day when men had to work for it.

Make them woo us, make them respectfully come up to the door, with flowers in their hands asking us for dinner and a movie.

The problem seems to be that we read so much of it in stories that everyone has become desensitized by it. We expect and want how it is supposed to be in the fairytale. When it doesn't happen in the real world as we expect when we're young. People settle. They get tired of waiting, we see it and hear it all the time from friends and family. Oh, he isn't great but I wanted to get married and he is the only one who asked.

Why settle?

I did once and I regretted it.

I swore after my ex-husband that I would never settle again. And I haven't.

I want the real thing, and am willing to wait for it.

So everyone out there don't give up hope, don't give in, don't settle just because you feel like nothing better will come along.

Demand romance, demand passion. Expect a man to woo you, court you. It's what we deserve as woman.

When I look back at all my past relationships I can fit them all under three categories.

Lust, challenge and boredom.

This is not what I hope for my child. I hope they find someone who will show them respect and love them for the beautiful individuals they are.

Not look at them as something to obtain or enjoy until they get bored with them.

That has been my experience so far.

I refuse to allow it anymore so I have decided to wait until I find someone who is worthy of me.

I hope anyone reading this gets something out of it.

I am not telling anyone how to live their lives or what they should do.

I just wanted to get my thoughts out there on how I feel about the world, and how I have been viewing relationships of the opposite sex lately.

Nalana Phillips
Nalana Phillips
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