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Right In front of you is love

by Cysmithdev 2 months ago in lgbtq

Romantic Sci-fi short story

Happy to just enjoy my vacation it was all coming to an end so quickly. We all did our shopping and now were walking down the grand marble stairs laced with brass that I could swear was gold. Wow, I had to pause for a moment and let it all sink in. This was the happiest I've been in a while. Just me hanging out with my two best friends Desmond and Travik watching them fight over this guy. Well, I wouldn't call it fighting. Me and Zalika watched as they both played cat and mouse with her new friend, Vat. His dark creamy skin and green passionate oval eyes and strong bone structure just put Desmond in a fit. He spent half his day just abrasively hitting on poor Vat who politely would disregard his advances. Honestly I think Vat seemed more interested in Travik than anything. I watched as he would occasionally glance over to Travik trying to engage him in conversation between the swats of attention grabbing from Desmond, but that's how it was with Travik and Desmond.

"You know Vat likes Travik"

Zalika walked with me as we were behind them like parents watching our children play.

"I know! Honestly, although they are both beautiful I've always favored Travik over Desmond"

Zalika looked at me and couldn't help but laugh.

I love Desmond because he's just out there. There is no one braver than him. When he likes a person he just lets it be known. He goes out there and try despite the chance of rejection. I'm starting to think its because He thinks no one will ever reject him and that's usually the case. Not this time.

Zalika pinched me.. it stung a little but it was well deserved. I was grinning enjoying the site of Desmond getting turned down for once.

Zalika's voice came to a whisper.

" You know Desmond hounded me all day to talk to Vat and see if I could convince Him to take a chance with him."

"I tried but Vat would divert my persuasions to ask about Travik."

Travik was the shyest of the two.The majority of the time he played wing-man to Desmond. He was the kind of guy who was beautiful but had a hard time believing it. I think I favored him because I was rooting for him. I remember in retrospect, when I first came out and even still today, my own doubts and how it hindered me from actually pursuing relationships. It was hard enough being a gay male and it not being that easy to just ask a guy you like out because you were not sure if he was homosexual. But to add on the fear of rejection and self doubt, just made it twice as hard. I find that there are no real protocol to these things. But then I was never as staggeringly beautiful as these two and it frustrated me to see Travik struggle because he is beyond belief charming. The kind of charm that has anyone in trance like Vat over there. Like an interesting web commercial that advertises the first 30 seconds and entice you to press the "click to learn more" button. Travik is the "click to learn more" kinda guy.

We were parting and Zalika and Vat were taking the ship back to planet Artrenai. Still, I had to grin thinking how all Desmond's efforts were for naught. In the last three days he seemed to have gotten no ground at all.

I mumbled to myself,"Man, is he hell of bent right now."

"Zalika!" he put on his best puppy face and pleaded,

"Please talk to him"

" Alright, Alright already, By The Gods man! You are persistent"

We sent them off on the AirTran to the nearest ship station and were on our way to the food court underground. The same beautiful marble golden or brass, I'm not even sure any more, it's all just so grand, floors painted the next set of stairs. Although we were a distance away from sunlight, The place lit up with the color of warmth as if the sun were right over our shoulders. Travik thought It was clever to walk the stairs backwards looking at me and just smiling. He's always so happy. With him smiling at me like that, I couldn't help but smile back. That was until he tripped on the next step. Luckily I was there to catch him. As i tried to catch a glimpse of his face to make sure he was okay, I can't actually believe it. He was crying.I helped him down the rest of the stairs and grabbed him by the waist.

"What are you crying for?" he was resisting my embrace,

"Nothing.....Nothing" he turned his head away from me ashamed

"I'm not letting you go till you tell me, this is our vacation, we are supposed to be having a good time."

" Tell me whats wrong man. You can talk to me."

I guided him to the closest set of table and chairs keeping my promise not to let go. Desmond had conveniently wondered off some where. Knowing him he probably caught the attention of some guy on his way down. I got him to a chair and he was forced to sit on my lap.

"Come on man Talk to me" I repeated.

He still was trying to resist but had given up a little now that i had him seated.

"I'm not going to let go"he still looked away,

"No, things will change",

You could see the hesitation in Travik but it was always there.

I let go one arm and pulled his face gently towards me so that he could look at me.

"What is it?"

And I don't know if it was the way he looked at me or if things were just starting to make sense for the first time. As if I willed it into existence by Acknowledgement he kissed me. I resisted mostly in shock as i started to release my grip on him and he kissed me again this time it was him that wouldn't let go. This time I didn't resist as a rush of chill flew across my face. The world became smaller. Just me and him. His tongue lightly caressed mine and his lips threw electricity through me. I slightly and gently just let go trying to make sense of it all. I didn't even think it was possible. Travic loves me?.. It still wasn't making any sense I pulled away and looked into his eyes looking for a glint of confusion but there wasn't any.


He looked down at his hands

"I came on this trip to spend time with you and now that its ending I...."

After he didn't speak, not being able to muster up the next few words. I felt a twinge of sadness.

"I'm so sorry... I hadn't realized you...."

"I guess I kind of ignored the fact that it may be a possibility that you..."

"I just... After my last relationship ended badly I promised myself to not even think about it until I've taken time to actually know some one."

"I'm so sorry I....",

I Hugged him as he now relaxed his head on my chest. I rested my chin on his head allowing myself to trance in the scent of his hair. We sat there for a while. Could of been an hour or so. We just sat there in each others embrace.

"Oh I see you told him" Desmond some how found us in the food court.

"About damn time Travik "

"See it wasn't that bad!"

"Wait a minute", "You knew"

"Sir, I think everyone knew except you" He laughed.

"I saw him trip over the stairs and what happend afterwards... I kinda knew where it was going and had to leave you two alone for a moment"

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