Relationships with Bits Mixed In?

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What some different relationships can go through?

Relationships with Bits Mixed In?

Relationships have many different aspects within different opportunities. They can have times where they can be very pleasing and very happy but they can also have times where they can be hard and difficult. However, relationships can be a lot harder when you add into the mix Depression and major Anxiety.

Relationships always depends on the individuals involved. For example, a relationship between 2 women can depend on who is the stronger women within the relationship. Who would be able to deal with the battles that may protrude into the relationship and the other women maybe the sensitive one of the relationship.

A relationship between a man and a woman can all depend on what sort of man and what sort of women the individuals are. For example, some relationships can lead to domestic violence because the male of the relationship has incontrollable rage and takes it out on the women. The women within this relationship may also be a sensitive individual who believes that the male will change but doesn't want to walk away from him because of what he might do to her or what he might do to someone else in his rage.

Another example of a relationship between and male and a female could be that the female is more of the dominant and more violent whilst the male is quite sensitive and shy to other people. This can also lead to the same domestic violence that the relationship above would lead too.

Another couple of examples where relationships can be different could be when either one of the individuals or both individuals are suffering from a form of mental health issue or some sort of issue of their own.

One of the examples I am going to use is my own. We have now been together for nearly 5 months but have known each other for nearly 2 years. Although we know what each person likes, dislikes, hobbies and opinions are...sometimes our relationship can be different. This is because I am suffering from depression, major anxiety and OCD.

I get some good days but I also get some bad days. This can put a strain on the relationship but we both know how to try and deal with the bad days. Being in a relationship with someone who suffers from mental health issues can be difficult for both individuals involved, this is because there can be many different out comes of the mood swings and experiences throughout the day.

It can put a strain on my partner because when I’m experiencing my bad days I continuously count on him for support and things to help me through. Although I don't always tell him when I am having a bad day so it can put us both in a difficult situation. I don't always bother him with my bad days because I think I can cope on my own and don’t want to bother anyone else with my problems.

However, most people who are suffering from depression can feel the same, but I know if I could change one thing about it all, it would be being able to talk to someone about how I feel throughout my bad days.

Although most people believe that people who have violent rage within a relationship can lead to domestic violence it’s not the only thing that can lead to it. Things like doing something the other individual doesn't like. But another way that domestic violence could happen is if an individual starts a relationship suffering from a mental health issue but the other person suffers from uncontrollable rage... Sometimes things don't mix and can lead to the individual suffering from rage to experience a higher level of rage because they don't want to believe in depression and they also don't understand it.

All I am trying to say is you may have already from the one for you, but the relationship is not always going to be perfect. But it is up to the two individuals involved to decide how and when to work it out with each other.

How does it work?
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