Relationships in Your Late Teens and at University

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How do we deal with them?

Relationships in Your Late Teens and at University

Everyone knows that you're going to find a love interest at university. Whether it be multiple, one big one, or you find a few you can't choose between, most people end up falling for someone in their first year. We all know a few of those. Now these first year relationships also have a reputation around them. They never last.

Don't get me wrong, I think some of these relationships can last. However, we have the ones who jump straight into a relationship after not knowing the other half for very long. Not to sound crude but they usually end up together after an eventful night in the bedroom, especially at uni. These relationships are very rare to last very long or at all but there is hope for some. There are 3 types of people. The ones who always have to be in a relationship, the unsure ones, and the ones who would rather something casual. Whichever one you fall into, I'm sure you'll relate to one thing or another in this piece.

So let's dive into the ones who need to be in a relationship. These people confuse me if I'm perfectly honest but I'm not wired that way. The idea of having someone around me 24/7 doesn't appeal to me but they enjoy that. They enjoy the company of these people as well as the things they do together. They're usually the lovey-dovey type. If that floats your boat, then go for it. Then we have the ones who aren't sure. They might be crushing on someone but they keep questioning whether or not they should commit themselves to this person for a potentially long time. I say if you're really feeling this person and you can see something there then go for it. Life's too short for you to waste it questioning everything. Finally, we have the ones who would rather something casual. This might be something a bit rated for younger ears or it might just be you spending time with someone and going out but not labelling things and being casual with each other. It may seem more fun and also not limiting on you as an individual.

In my time at university I've met people in all three groups, the majority being unsure. The relationships I've seen happen have so far lasted which is a good sign and some have failed miserably resulting in both parties refusing to even be in the same vicinity as the other. But there's other issues with these relationships. They can get too much for the people around.

No one likes being a third wheel. EVER. It's probably the most annoying position to be in because you don't get spoken to, you have to witness a lot of PDA, and it reminds you of just how single you actually are. We've all got friends like it and we've all been a third wheel at one point or another. Now the lovey-dovey types, they don't see anything wrong with what they do because they're too blinded by love to notice anything else. If you love someone then by all means, spend time with them but, there is a balance you need to find. You have to realise that you have friends and family that also would want to hear from you and would want to see you. Don't forget that you're an individual person. Yes, you love your partner but they aren't the be all and end all. Remember that your friends will always be there no matter what so treat them with the care they deserve.

So when you go to university, you're more than likely to experience this. Whichever group you fall into, just make sure you're taking care of yourself and you're being safe (in all aspects). It's about having fun and enjoying the people that are the ride with you.

Annica Webb
Annica Webb
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