by Sofia Prado 8 months ago in friendship

And not just the romantic kind.


A few days ago I was sitting down, eating a bowl of cereal, aaand I couldn't help but wonder why most of my relationships were going to shit.

(For lack of a better term.)

I was arguing a lot more with SO, as well as with one of my closest friends. My parents were no longer replying to my texts or answering my calls and last, but not least, someone I recently started hanging out with and got along with very well suddenly became distant... I was feeling a bit flustered, so I did what any youngin who spends too much time on Instagram would do. I asked people on my story to help me out.

Here's a screenshot from the video because IDK how to work this thing just yet.

Slowly but surely, I started getting replies from my followers and almost instantly I recognized a reoccurring pattern. Almost every single person thought I was having problems with just one of my relationships. (My SO) I didn't think the question would be misinterpreted so quickly, but it sure was. Ya wanna know why? Well, see the word "relationship" automatically lit the (BF/GF) light bulb in people's brains. Which was the reason for all of the replies that included "relationship advice." Don't get me wrong, I probably would've also thrown in my own two cents about how you've gotta respect one another and accept each other for who you are, yadda yadda yadda. IF I still had the common misconception for the word "relationship." But luckily, I learned a little bit more about it in college. (No, I didn't graduate, but majoring in psychology really did help a lot with life and my mental stability.) My professor made sure he cleared up that misconception in one of his lectures. The example that he used, and that I now use goes a lil something like this: "A relationship with someone can be as small as having a conversation with a stranger in an elevator or as big as dating someone for a year."

I've also included a few of Google's definitions for the word "relationship."

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