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Sacred Fragments

By Insinq DatumPublished 12 months ago Updated 11 months ago 4 min read
Photo by Deniz Altindas on Unsplash

I will recall my sacred quest

Unlock, I will, my secret chest

From shady hands, away I'll wrest

The story with which I've been blessed


I gave it up as futile once

Gave in to fear's uncertainty

And chance revealed me as a dunce

Dumb dancing in absurdity


Yet echoes of eternity

Ring in my ears and through my chains

They hint at an emergency

Against itself, my being strains


My name is insinq, seeker-seer

And lightning flows within my veins

Pride is my sin, that much is clear

The shadow of these higher planes


If in my ear, a voice I hear

A subtle serpent might explain

With just the barest hint of sneer

How I alone could cleanse the stain


But I've outgrown such tricks my dear

I'll not fall for the face you feign

Towards my destiny I steer

To bend my ear, you try in vain


I seek the name of names, you see

And in this game, my strategy

Has been to search for an ally

And so my church became the sky


The breath of life, I seek to find

I thought to call the wind in kind

The Lord of land and sea and sand

And by his calling shadow-bind


Through this, my flame I will reclaim

I will honour my sacred aim

I will remember who I am

I will fulfil my lifelong plan


I will rehearse the part I play

That of the universal man

Never again will I dare stray

From what is writ upon my clan


To light some candles and to pray

To call forth inspiration fey

To dance with madness, magic may

Chance lose itself within wordplay


This song will fill all of my days

With every step, the light I praise

With every phase and every phrase

I will recall the master's blaze


I study nature's bosom best

I never blush when I stargaze

Her children are so finely dressed

Her many ways always amaze


I'm one who wonders at this land

Where sand and sea and sky all stand

To testify to meaning's hand

In unfolding designs so grand


The genius of existence lies

Beyond the boundaries of skies

Enclosing spheres of such small fries

As men who seek to stultify


The knowing deep and growing old

Of those more solemn than themselves

One learns to spot the toxic gold

The further into self one delves


And in this hall of mirrors hides

True secrets and treasures untold

Yet in the same matrix resides

The alchemy of hot and cold


These opposites conceal a lock

My curiosity's the guide

That leads me to a broken clock

Which comes and goes just like the tide


This pendulum swings to and fro

And to its motion I applied

The length and breadth of what I know

And in its movements so I spied


A magic hidden to the world

A gift that only I could bring

A secret scroll not yet unfurled

A song that only I could sing


This is that song, so listen well

The only way to break her spell

Is simply love the cards you're played

The task for which your soul was made


The lightning coursing through my veins

Perpetual breaking of chains

The phoenix and the dragon mate

Create a man of rarest fate


That man is me, my subtle skill

With words marks me a nimble quill

An autodidact polymath

A man who walks a wand'ring path


An alchemist, poet and bard

A man of faith and strength of will

Loremaster whose task is to guard

The wisdom and never to spill


The secrets gleaned from deepest night

The strength won from conquering fright

The sacred flame which glows within

And burns away these webs you spin


A stormweaver in embryo

A magus not yet ascendent

A true believer dynamo

Disciple of the transcendent


A witness to the pouring out

The stemless flow banishing drought

Infinite light is pouring forth

The shadow's end comes from the North


The divine might calls me to fight

To set a siege against these walls

To take back what is mine by right

To lay my claim to hallowed halls


By blood and bone, through seeds long sown

I will obtain the fyrestone

Through sacrifice, iron and ice

I will master this nasty vice


The secret keeper of the known

Disciple of our Ceasur's throne

The weeper of the Taoist tear

The master of the mental sphere


An elemental avatar

A spear to pierce any veneer

A not-yet-forged yet shining star

Vessel, channel, seeker, seer


Lover, healer, namer, sealer

Honest feeler, secret dealer

Shadow tamer, spirit gamer

Wordsmith magic picture framer


I will recall my sacred quest

Unlock, I will, my secret chest

From shady hands, away I'll wrest

The story with which I've been blessed

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About the Creator

Insinq Datum

I'm an aspiring poet, author and philosopher. I run a 5000+ debating community on Discord and a couple of Youtube channels, one related to the Discord server and one related to my work as a philosopher. I am also the author of DMTheory.

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