Reason First: Should Romantic Relationships Be Built on Money?

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Can the dollar determine love?

Reason First: Should Romantic Relationships Be Built on Money?

The business of relationships is what is at stake here. A multibillion-dollar industry seeks to tweak and control the dating habits, social mores, and ethics of human relationships. In this latest alleged heterosexual triangle photo that went viral, the aim ought to be on making sure that the young woman pays for her own manicures and pedicures, wash and sets, and other cosmetics that these vain vixens covet.

The two men ought to form a bond declaring exactly what the finances should be once they get past all of the “lovey dovey” moments. They should be able to sit down and discuss business on a level that all three figures understand. As the young woman is clearly infatuated with both men, she should be able to cover the costs of restaurants, fuel, housing, and other expenses.

From the perspective of an original gentleman, it is only proper to allow an alleged lady to pay the way if a said excursion happens to be her idea. She should be able to take on the role of benefactor, since she wants to involve two males in her romantic life. If this trio should ever crumble, the three should just look at each other as former business associates. But in the meantime, these three ought to formulate where the young woman makes the money and distributes among the two. How should this happen? With all of the digital forums and webinars available, they should be able to figure it out. If they seek to enjoy the time and company of one another, then the dollar sign definitely needs to be involved.

If two males can form an alliance around the same female, kudos to them. They should be able to gain as much fiscal support to keep their bank accounts well-fed. The smart work that this woman performs ought to support her double beaus. Her willingness to be a participant in this love triangle should compel her to fork over larger sums of cash to keep the machine going. Say one of the males leaves or the female decides she wants out of the business. There should be platinum parachutes for the two males to cushion falling out of the relationship. All of this should be defined at the origin of the relationship. For the two men to depart, they owe each other nothing but the camaraderie or a complete rejection of one another.

The young woman may appear to be in love, but with any business deal, there should be a contract whether implicit or explicit. The agreement ought to hold up the temporary bond that the three people share. One day, someone’s bound to be married. Because the United States government only recognizes the union of two adults, the trio may have to cease. Once they realize that this is a business proposition, the sooner they can find solace and happiness. What the two males must do may seem to be quite controversial to some, actually respect the woman. The two men ought to grow up and be gentlemen and allow for the relationship to blossom. They should be able to guide the young woman onto a path of riches. If they wish to continue this love triangle, it would behoove all involved to be full adults, one doesn’t have to be in the dominant role to be manly. Allow the woman to pay for things if she conjures up in her mind a specific date or other occasion. Remember that it is the rational thing to do to permit the female to lead the charge once in awhile. It is important that you let the dollar guide above all things.

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