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by: Nerissha Hunt

By Nerissha HuntPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

These days you can’t take things at face value. A person can say something to you, and you may take offense to it at the time. But take a moment to think about it. What did they really mean when they said it? Sounds stupid, I know. But I call it re-evaluation.

Think about all the times someone has said something to you that has offended you. You took it to heart, right? It made you mad, you wanted to fight, you may have even cussed the person out. But go back in time to that exact moment. You heard what they said but at the moment, there was no evaluation. When you get deep in thought about what was said, you will realize that it wasn’t even that serious. You just thought it was. Call me crazy but hear me out.

We have so many people going to prison simply over words. But then when we think about that set of words, the prison sentence isn’t even worth it. True, no one likes for someone to talk about their family members, especially their children or their mother. That’s an automatic fight. But re-evaluate. Some of us still have our mothers and some of us don’t. But think it through.

There is no such thing as making someone stop talking about you. I feel like this: If I am being talked about, I must be important. There are people that will absolutely go crazy behind words that are spoken about them. You will be in an early grave trying to chase down every single person that has badmouthed you or done you wrong.

If people actually took time to sit down and re-evaluate, the world wouldn’t be in the shape that its in. So much racism, so much hatred. People blaming things on each other that don’t even make sense. Senseless killings, drive-by shootings. Nobody is taking life serious anymore. Come on people, re-evaluate. Was that woman/man really worth getting killed over? What point did you prove by shooting me? What point did I prove by shooting you? That bullet hit an innocent child or an innocent person. We’re both locked up. Why? Wrong mindset. Now we both lose our freedom for however long.

The 1st amendment is the first thing people cry when something goes wrong. People take the 1st amendment out of context. Freedom of Speech, Press, Religion and Assembly does not mean get on tv, yell and scream, protest, fight, all to get your point across. The world doesn’t need to know your business. It’s a better way to do things. I love everybody. Whatever you do in your life is your business. Your race, sexual orientation, how you feel about the President, does not have to be public knowledge. You are only showing your intelligence level. I’m not being mean; I’m keeping it real.

We all have problems in our lives. But, when you make your business public, they love it. They harbor on one story forever and a day. If they get a story of a racist situation, you can hang it up. That’s all you are gonna hear about for days and days. That’s why I don’t like watching the news. They don’t know when enough is enough. Stories just repeat until they are finally satisfied. I remember a time where I used to get up and run to the tv because I was excited about school being closed and I wanted my school to be at the bottom of the screen to show up as closed. I would get up at 4:30 or 5 just to sit in front of the tv. As soon as it said, school closed, I went back to sleep. That was my satisfaction. But now, there is rarely happiness on the news.

So, to conclude my story, I say this. Everything is easy to be taken at heart, when it’s said but don’t let your words place you in the wrong situation. Freedom aint free is what people say. Well news flash: before the dom, is the word free so that is an untrue and crazy statement. Freedom is free as long as you choose it. We just have to learn to react better which doesn’t happen overnight. No one is perfect. We all have our something to work on, which mainly is our attitude, but our reaction will be what it is. But do this one thing when you reflect back: Re-evaluate.


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