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Preparing For The Dance

Patrick B

By Patrick BramerPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

You might be wondering what everyone is thinking about what Jackie is doing. Some of her friends were positive and some were negative about me going to the dance with her. I really didn’t care about how the negative thinkers felt because I was going to the dance with Jackie and at this point, that is all that matters. One of the negative thinkers was none other than Tim the ex-boyfriend. Even though they had broken up, he apparently still had feelings for her. Luckily for me, Jackie wanted nothing to do with him ever again. I really wanted to know what that was all about, but I didn’t want to ruin what I had with her so I just gave supportive feedback to her every time his name came up, but not too supportive to make her think that he would be good for her. In my opinion, Tim was very toxic to her and I’m not just saying it because I really liked Jackie. He was very controlling over her and maybe that’s why she left him. I didn’t really care why she stopped seeing him because now Tim’s goons (loyal friends) aren’t around anymore to stop anyone from trying to make any sort of contact with Jackie.

The dance is just 4 weeks away and I am pumped about what I plan on wearing. Truth be told, I have never been at a dance with anyone because I never had the courage to ask anyone out so I am not sure what I’m supposed to do. Luckily, I have an older sister and she asked if I knew what color of dress Jackie was going to wear. I said that I had no idea why does that matter? My sister rolled her eyes and shook her head. I asked her why she did that and she preceded to tell me that whatever I planned on wearing had to color match what she was going to wear. I thought that this was kind of weird but my sister would know this type of stuff since she went to all the dances in high school. Not only did our clothes have to match but the corsage that I am supposed to get her also needs to be a color match. All this information is a bit overwhelming. I didn’t realize that all this information went on during a dance. To me, it seemed a bit overkill for just a high school dance, but if this is something that Jackie has already experienced and she is expecting this to happen, then I need to follow the rules and do what my sister says. Right now, she is the expert and is guiding me to hopefully impress Jackie.

The next day at school I found Jackie leaning against her locker talking with her friends. I walk up to her and stand there for a bit until no one is talking. I started making small talk and then asked her what color her dress is. She says that it is a light blue. As she is telling me this, I am able to see one of her friends roll their eyes in disgust (I guess) at the fact that she is still planning on going to the dance with me. I guess she feels this way because I am still considered to be nonpopular. High School can be cruel at times and I am proof of that. I did have friends, but no one I could call a ‘best friend’. Just because someone who is not part of the popular click in school doesn’t mean they should be ignored like the plague. I try to ignore those types of people and go on with my day. I don’t think Jackie really noticed what was going on, but if she did, I would hope that she would say something to this so-called friend of hers. After we talked a bit at her lockers, the first bell rang for the start of classes. We walked in opposite directions to the classes that we were supposed to go in. I got the information I needed about her dress so I will need to talk to my sister after school to find out how to go about matching this color.

This school day was a typical day. Jackie and I passed notes between classes since she does not have any classes that I have. We talked about the dance in these notes and one thing she said was that she was impressed with me asking her what color of dress she was going to wear. Ok, cool, I just scored points on her with that question. Thanks, big sister!!!!

After school, I came straight home and my sister came in the doors about 15 minutes later. I let her know the color of Jackie’s dress and said that I will be working on getting my tux (hopefully) in that color. My sister was panicking and said, “you’re not going to get the whole tux in blue, are you?” Ummmm no, I said? OMG, she said, just let me show you what you need and everything will be alright. Ok, at this point, I am a total idiot. I thought the whole tux needed to be that color, but I guess I was wrong. I’m sure my sister will make me look good for my date with Jackie. I’m glad I didn’t rush out to get a tux on order. Jackie would have taken one look at me and said, “no thank you”. My sister then preceded to ask me where I was planning on taking her to dinner. I had a blank look on my face. Not because I was trying to think of a place to take her, but because I didn’t know I was supposed to do that. “Ummmm” I said. My sister started to shake her head and said, “We got some work to do to get you ready”………


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