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Power of the Three Things Strategy for Trauma

Finding Strength Through Adversity

By Ashley ReganPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Therapist listening to the teenager about the trauma he is suffering

Ever felt like tough times have you in a headlock, leaving you feeling utterly overwhelmed? Well, guess what? Even in those moments, there's a secret weapon called the Three Things Strategy that can turn the tables and help you grow stronger.

So, what's this strategy all about? It's a game-changer mindset encouraging you to focus on three positive things that happened during your day. No matter how tiny they might seem, they hold incredible power. By consciously recognizing these bright spots, you start rewiring your brain to see challenges as chances for growth.

Now, here's the kicker: this strategy works wonders, especially for those who've been through tough experiences. It's like a spotlight—shifting your attention from the gloomy bits to the good stuff. By finding three things to be grateful for daily, survivors of trauma begin piecing together resilience and a renewed sense of control over their lives.

The power of perspective.

Let's talk about how we tackling tough times. You know what they say – perspective is key! How we see and handle challenges can really make a difference in our ability to bounce back. And here's where the Three Things Strategy steps in, giving us a whole new way to look at things.

So, instead of getting stuck in that victim mindset, this strategy nudges us to see the silver linings, no matter how teeny-tiny they might be. It's like flipping a switch—choosing to focus on the good stuff. By doing that, we get to rethink our experiences and uncover strength in the lessons learned and the opportunities for growth that come with adversity.

Changing how we see things isn't a piece of cake, especially for folks who've faced tough times or trauma. But hey, with a bit of practice and sticking with it, we can totally train ourselves to see the sunny side more often and find our inner strength when things get rough.

Embracing vulnerability

How tough times can make us feel like we're stuck on a deserted island. Or How to deal with triggers from trauma. But guess what? Breaking out of that isolation bubble and embracing our vulnerabilities is key to finding strength and healing.

Ever thought about how opening up, expressing our feelings, and seeking support can actually work like magic? It's like finding a treasure trove of healing!

When we share our experiences, it's like saying, "Hey, I'm not alone in this!" That realization? It's pure gold. Knowing that others can relate and offer support is a game-changer.

Now, here's where the Three Things Strategy jumps in. It's not just about finding those three awesome things each day; it's about sharing them too. When we share the good vibes, it's like sprinkling fairy dust on our connections. We're not just boosting the positive aspects of our lives but also weaving a safety net of support that's priceless on our healing journey.

Building resilience

Let's talk about resilience—it's like your superhero power to spring back up after tough times and not just survive but thrive through challenges. And guess what? You can actually train and beef up this skill over time.

Enter the Three Things Strategy—it's like your sidekick in this resilience-building journey. This strategy shines a light on your strengths and the good stuff in your life. By taking a moment to appreciate what you're grateful for, it helps you see the bright side more often. This boosts your optimism and strengthens your belief in your ability to tackle hurdles head-on.

But wait, there's more to this resilience gig than just counting blessings! It's also about arming yourself with coping strategies, setting goals, and showing yourself some self-care love. Remember, being resilient isn't about ignoring the tough feelings. It's about finding healthy ways to deal with them and emerging even stronger.

Practicing self-care

Taking care of yourself is super important when you're going through tough times. It means looking after your body, feelings, and mind.

The Three Things Strategy is all about putting self-care front and center. It's about noticing and being thankful for the good stuff in your life, even the small things. You could spend a few minutes every day thinking about what makes you happy and grateful.

Self-care isn't just about gratitude, though. It's also about setting limits, doing things that make you happy and relaxed, and getting help from pros when you need it. When you make self-care a priority, you recharge, get your energy back, and feel strong enough to tackle whatever challenges come your way.


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Ashley Regan

As an author and mental health expert, Ashley Regan offers a compassionate guide through the maze of mental well-being. With profound insight and empathy, her writings serve as a roadmap for those navigating mental health challenges.

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