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Polar Opposites

by Oliver Caron about a year ago in dating
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Azure and Merlot

It's complicated to imagine how many things we can observe in our lifetime, but that being said there are infinite amounts of things that we have yet to observe.

Her name, Clarisse.

It was a very deep night and the music from within the restaurant was faint yet extremely inviting. The glow of lights from the place of stone and glass seemed to dance for me across the ocean of darkness. I reach out from the depths for the door and open it casually. The sounds of people chatting and having pleasant times seemed to give me a sense of jealousy. The warmth of the place seemed to mask over my body as I take off my jacket.

I look around and see that she isn't here yet, instead I'm greeted by a Host, "How many for tonight sir?". I almost didn't hear the man because I was distracted by the pianist who was playing Clair de Lune. "Oh, uh sorry, I'm here for the 8:30 for two". He points with an opened palm to a table I didn't see till then.

The music seemed to resonate throughout the place perfectly, as if I were at the Toulon Opéra. The song starts to reach the end of its rope as I sit there at the table alone. I was told that she was gorgeous but the people who told me about her never mentioned her eyes. I stare at the glass of water in my hand, as it slightly perspired less than I was perspiring due to my nervousness kicking in. So I take a sip to cool down.

The song ends on its famous last note as a bell rings that I've never heard of before. I see the door open through the wet glass of water. I thought to myself or so I thought, "It must be her". I'm sure I saw someone look my way.

She was wearing this exotic yet tame coat like a house tiger, and placed it on the coat rack. In doing so she had this white dress you could see a mile away that seemed to obliterate any non primary colors away.

The same Host greeted her but she also seemed distracted as the song Transient by Haywyre was being played. The time was 8:32 on my phone as I set it in my pocket from the table. I couldn't quite see her face from a far but she was obviously beautiful because everyone took a second glance at her.

The Host raised his opened palm towards my direction. As she comes closer my hand starts to shake as she gets closer to the chair. I instinctively get up and she reacts with a smile and faces downward to cover her blushed face as I pull out the chair for her. I sit back down almost awkwardly because I'm practically stunned by her, and just sit there.

Her soft voice broke the silence, "My name is Clarisse, et toi?". My face must have done something incontrollable because she tried to stop herself from laughing. "Oh I'm sorry! I meant to say my name is Clarisse, and you are?" Her French accent almost made me stutter out of complete awe as I say "Oh it's okay! My name is Oliver." She looks up at me and notices my glass of water in my hand. "Ho, I'm sorry if I made you wait." I respond with a reassuring "I've only been here for two minutes please don't feel upset." At this point I started to get lost looking at her pretty black hair.

A waiter comes over to the table with a note pad, and asks "Would you like some more water sir? Or perhaps some more ice?". I look up at him and respond somewhat confidently, "I'll have an Old Fashioned please". He then turns to Clarisse and says "How may I serve you?" She responds saying "I would like a Merlot wine please." The waiter must have noticed her accent because he then said, "Fine choice Mademoiselle." With a smile and a wink of admiration towards me, and walked away writing down the info on his note pad.

I break the silence by saying "Your accent it's..." she responds with a sort of embarrassment "I'm sorry, I'm very new with this language." I look at her with this look of disbelief as I say "Beautiful." Her azure eyes lit up like a clear lake under a starry night sky. We look at each other with blushed cheeks and she says sheepishly "Thank you..... I'm just worried that people wont understand me.." I say almost laughing at how cute she was when saying that, "I love any accent, so it would be hard for me to love them if I didn't understand them!" Her beautiful smile returned.

The waiter comes back with our drinks and places them down. I was still nervous that I would mess this up, even though I've never messed up a date before. I take sip from my drink and I can see that she does the same.

The Merlot seemed to be the exact same color as her lips which I've just noticed how red they were. As her glass tilted to her lips her azure eyes seemed to glow next to the red of the Merlot wine. At this moment the whiskey from my drink made me cough because I wasn't paying attention to swallowing. She noticed this and rushed over with a napkin because I must have dropped mine.

Her face was a foot away from mine and the way the Merlot touched her lips and the way Azure eyes were seemed to both glisten. She handed me the napkin and had the brightest smile and the softest of laughter. She must have noticed that I was in a trance from her excellency, and said "Lets get out of here yes?"



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