People We Can’t Forget

People Who Can’t Be Removed from Our Hearts

People We Can’t Forget

We meet thousands of people in our lives. We sometimes hate them or sometimes feel like we’re walking on clouds while talking to them. In every way, people are one of the most important things in a human’s life. However, some of these people we’re referring to might be more important for us than the others. They either might be our best friends or members of our families. Whoever they are, there are probably specific reasons that give them that great privilege.

These reasons are not actually chosen on purpose. While talking to these important people or living a few moments with them, our hearts and minds make a decision simultaneously: to be with them or to stay away from them. Of course, this decision is made depending on their gestures, the things they say to us, and the things they do, but this time; the situation gets even more serious. If we decide to be with them, this puts us in a condition where we are to make our bonds stronger with them and get closer to them. During this progress, we learn to accept their flaws and weird movements and not to turn their mistakes into huge problems. We learn to love people as they are; not as who we want them to be. Also, during this important part of our relationships, we learn to understand them more and more day by day. We learn to be happy with their successes and be sad when they are sad. We learn to laugh and cry with them. All of these experiences make us feel warmer for them every single day. Make us feel like we have finally found the happiness and finally, found the people that can be with us whenever we need.

As I mentioned, we feel like they can always be there for us. But there are moments that they can’t be there for us even though we were expecting them to be. If you give up on them at this point, this means you don’t have enough patience. Friendship is not tying someone to yourself forever. It’s when you know how to let people go even though you really like them a lot. When you learn how to do it, congratulations, you have become a mature person. Maturity is not only specified with one good behaviour, of course. But this little step can change lots of things in your life.

For instance, you can learn how to stay calm even tough your crush loves someone else. Trust me, I’ve experienced it. Not only that, you may not be sad even though your friends don’t hang out with you at all. Well, in that case, I doubt if they are actually your friends, though. If there are people like these in your life you should avoid them. Even if it means being alone all the time. Because being isolated and ignored hurts more than loneliness. If you still have problems with ignoring them, I would like to make a point by telling you something from my own life. I know a person like that from my life. He is actually considered by people as my best friend. But he likes to hang out with people who usually ignore him rather than hanging out with me even though I care about him a lot. He doesn’t usually care about me. He isn’t interested in what I say, even though I say it for his own good. Although I still couldn’t understand the reason behind it, I chose to stay away from him. But he keeps sticking to the people I mentioned earlier. He tries his best to get their attention and make them talk to him. His efforts fail sometimes, but he doesn’t seem to be offended from it. This is actually a sign of being ambitious. But anyways, he probably feels some pain since he is the only one who wants to be with them and in the end, who is ignored. He tried his best to not to avoid them in order to not to be alone. He seems like he enjoys this situation, but I am pretty sure I am not the only one who would feel pain in a situation like that.

Aside from the people you should avoid, let’s go back to the subject we were talking about. Choosing to be with the people you deeply care about. If you don’t turn little problems with them into huge catastrophes, you will have finally become a master in your relationship with them. Aside from the problems, these people will have become unremovable from your heart by time. What I mean is, you won’t be able to erase them from your heart with ease. If you have ever felt this way, you might understand this feeling.

I have something to say about this, too. During my primary and middle school years, I spent my time at school with the same people from my classroom for eight years. We had known each other really well and known every little detail about each other. During these eight years, I had gotten closer with ten of my classmates more than the other twenty of them. I even had a crush one of these ten people I’m referring to. But what I mean is, even though I am a high school student now, I still couldn’t forget about any of them. They are ‘unremovable.’ They are my friends. They are a part of me. A part I would probably always remember.

As I said. They, our close friends, are our everything. Please never forget about your buddies. I would like to finish my article with a quote that has an important place in my heart. Also, this quote is from the book that my bestie in the middle school once read out loud for me and my other best friend.

“Hold a few people’s hands really tight.Be sad when they have problems, be happy with their happinesses.Listen to what they want to say. Don’t lose them.When everything changes, you’ll need people who know and love the real you.”
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