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Peer-pressure defeats us./Comparison is the thief of joy, but not always./Everything happens for a reason.

Do you often compare yourself to others? Why do you do it? “I can’t explain why this is happening.”

By 'Vive AkughaPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 3 min read
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Image Credit:@eto.luz on Instagram, Roberto Nickson from Unsplash, Alex Green from Pexels.

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  • Peer-pressure defeats us.
  • Image credit:[email protected] on Instagram

    I don’t know anyone that hasn’t been influenced or felt pressure to do something they didn’t necessarily want to. It could take different forms and magnitudes being either minor or life-changing. It takes a VERY strong mind, sense of self and acceptance of self to resist. Most people say Instagram is the major culprit of this and although that may be true, I think our everyday lives consisting of different relationships could also have a similar effect as social media networks.

    We compare ourselves to how and what other people are doing, maybe even try developing their patterns to achieve what they have, instead of focusing on ourselves. People feel pressured to post certain things to show they are doing well or to cover up the fact that they are not doing well especially when they see their friends and others supposedly enjoying their lives. People feel pressured to listen to certain artists or watch certain shows to avoid feeling left out.

    It is inevitable to feel down or even compare but embracing our individuality and acceptance of the fact that ‘everybody has their time; this is mine and better moments will come for me’ is very important.

    • Comparison is the thief of joy, but not always.

    Do you often compare yourself to others? Why do you do it?

    Image credit:-Roberto Nickson from Unsplash

    You have probably heard the quote 'comparison is the thief of joy' a million times and while some people agree that it takes joy away (temporarily), some other people like Mark Twain believed it to be the death of joy.

    However, I believe the purpose of comparison varies with different effects. Some people compare themselves to others as a source of inspiration to do better while some other people do it by judging themselves.

    A great example of the different perspectives is an incident that happened on Youtube. A female vlogger admitted to enjoying spoiling herself to luxuries when she deserves it but didn't always want to share it in her vlogs. She had received backlash and accusations of bragging but stated the purpose of sharing was because she was just happy about it, not to make anyone feel inferior. Also, she noticed other people in the comments section that stated they were not negatively affected but rather saw her sharing as an inspiration to continue working hard.

    So when viewing other people's works or their growth, it is important to realize the mindset from which you analyze things. Comparison could be healthier as a source of inspiration but self-destruction when comparing only pulls you down, belittling your character and/or abilities. To avoid harmful comparisons, appreciate your progress (even though that might be easier said than done) as well as the little milestones accomplished every step of the way to your goal.

    • Everything happens for a reason.

    “I can’t explain why this is happening.”

    Image Credit:-Alex Green from Pexels

    I would like to believe that everyone has heard stories and wondered “what is happening?” or could have thought so at different points of their life.

    When met at a crossroad with little understanding or sometimes direction of what to do next, what do you do?

    It is okay to take some time out when frustrated and confused. People often develop answers to solve this with faith in whatever divine being or energy they believe in.

    I believe that most of the time you are not supposed to be able to understand and while it might be hard to go with the flow of things, that might seem like what should be done, with faith that everything will be okay or that the outcome would be a lot better.

    Sometimes difficult moments happen to strengthen us, sometimes good moments happen to motivate us for more and meeting people either add to the value of your life or notify you of the people you don’t want in your life.

    We may not be able to comprehend it but everything does happen for a reason because we grow and learn lessons from everything we do as well as from everyone we encounter. It could either be positive or negative but from it all, you gain something.



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