Pedestrians Can Be Jerks When Crossing the Street

by Bazooka Teaches 4 months ago in satire

While cars usually offer courtesy for pedestrians when crossing the street, people need to return the favor towards vehicles as well.

Pedestrians Can Be Jerks When Crossing the Street

Sorry, but I have to get this off my chest. I hate it when people walk across the street and take their sweet time doing it. This trend only seems to persist in busy parts of big cities. I know that some of you are probably thinking bad of me, but this trend is too much! Really, these people cross the street all the time and hold up cars just because it's their right to cross the street.

Anyway, I know this because I live in a busy part of town here in Los Angeles and watch people cross the streets and hold up traffic, even in places where they are not supposed to cross. Sometimes, these people see a car coming, and they purposely keep up a slow pace forcing the vehicle to slow down drastically. For what? I don’t know!

Once, I saw a pedestrian walking on the street instead of the sidewalk and held up cars. On top of that, this person decided to give the driver lip after this pedestrian was honked at. These people have the balls to look back at cars as if showing casing the fact that they have the right to walk across the street with no haste.

Another time, I saw a driver honk at a pedestrian because the person waking went down to tie his shoe. What a jerk! Once the driver honked, the pedestrian threw a childish tantrum. Sorry, but some people just have too much attitude! What happened to courtesy? I remember I used to hurry up when crossing the street when a vehicle was headed my way.

In other countries, people cross when they can, not when they want. I know because I've traveled and seen this first hand. Think about it! It is common sense, right? If a person crosses a road, chances are that the person could get hit since cars are going way faster. So, crossing a road or street should be done when possible or when it is convenient.

Also, when crossing a street, have courtesy for the car and hurry a little, especially if a ca near you. If one is going to cross, don’t hold up traffic. Why would a pedestrian make a vehicle come to a complete stop for a short crossing? C’mon! Only pedestrians with physical inabilities have this right!

These should be the essential rules for crossing the street.

1. Cross when you can not when you want.

2. If you are going to slow down traffic, hurry up when crossing.

3. If a car gets to the crosswalk when trying to make a right or left turn and you are far away, do not get mad if the driver did not get a window to make a turn. Simply walk your lazy ass around the car, and do it from behind.

4. Wait until cars stop for you to cross. Do not jump out and make cars hit their brakes harshly. If cars stop for you, return the courtesy by hurrying up.

5. Don’t think you own the road. Roads are meant for cars. So, you have to be very careful when crossing the any street.

6. When crossing a stop sign intersection, pedestrians need to stop for cars as well. Many times, especially by schools, pedestrians will keep going and going, never allowing cars to go. These pedestrians need to stop and take turns with cars, so human and car traffic flows effectively.

Yes, pedestrians have the right of way once they step on the street and that is not a bad thing. However, pedestrians need to watch it. Especially, when people are on the damn cell phone all the time which includes drivers. Yes, drivers that work rideshare are constantly looking at their cells for calls from customers and to look at their GPS. That quick second at looking at the screen car mess everything up.

In the end, this is just a simple rant. Yes, I drive a lot in my city, and it is very annoying when pedestrians power-trip and do not return a simple courtesy for drivers. Of course, when something goes wrong, it is the driver’s fault even when the pedestrian is at fault. Anyway, stay safe and have courtesy! The world would be a much better place if everyone was courteous towards each other.

Bazooka Teaches
Bazooka Teaches
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