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Past Lives and Relationships

by Jocelyn Joy Thomas 9 months ago in love · updated 9 months ago
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Love that is timeless

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

“I recognized you instantly. All of our lives flashed through my mind in a split second. I felt a pull so strongly towards you that I almost couldn’t stop it.”

― J. Sterling, In Dreams

There is something magical that happens when you encounter a romantic connection from a past life. The recognition, feelings and connection itself stand out in a way that is difficult to ignore. It's more subdued with friends, but you can still feel it, an instant liking, things click, you talk and laugh easily.

With romantic connections, it is a little more, intense. I remember having this experience with my first long-term boyfriend. I had already been introduced to him and we were friends. One day, he asked me over to a mutual friend's house. When I arrived, he came out of the kitchen, and it was like the world stood still. Things happened in slow motion for the next few seconds. He seemed to be surrounded by light, almost like a dream. The only way I knew how to describe it at the time was deja vu.

I had zero understanding back then of spiritual concepts, I was 18 years old and had no spiritual training. I was aware of past lives and had always felt deep in my gut they were real. I didn't understand until that moment what it actually felt like to encounter a romantic connection from a past lifetime.

Why it feels so strong

Turns out I wasn't too far off the mark when calling the experience deja vu. When we experience that familiar feeling of having said, done, or dreamed something before, it’s the soul hitting us with a big wake-up call to pay attention.

A rule of life to live by, don't ignore signs from your soul.

The soul has a database of all the people we have known and all of the things we have done and felt together. It also stores our agreement to meet up with them again and the types of lessons we are going to go through together.

So when the soul sends us a signal (deja vu, visions, dreams, anything else you feel is a sign) it’s because something or someone significant is standing in front of us.

The soul wants us to make the connections we came here to make. To the soul, there is no separation in time, this is merely the next act in the play.

You Have Known Them For All Time

When we are in a relationship with someone we have known before it can feel exhilarating at times and other times, routine, in a good way. The strong bond created long before this life is one that continues to be built upon. It can feel delightfully easy to fall into a routine with this person. While there are still those moments of profundity.

Moments where you realize how inextricably linked you are. Or just how much you love them. The way it feels to be held by them, or to touch them can call up memories that your current mind may struggle to understand. Trust this, let the mind go, feel with the heart it is the connector to your soul.

You and this person have known each other for all time. In this physical reality where we briefly visit, again and again, we are engaging with many of the same people. They are our co-actors, and they have been with us through many, many acts. The ones that you share a romantic history with will often be some of the most challenging, and rewarding connections.

Truly, they are some of your greatest teachers as you are theirs.

The next time you feel a strong connection, don’t ignore it. Don't distract yourself away from it, answer it. Discover what it holds for you, let your soul lead the way.

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