Our Story

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A Memoir

Our Story

It was a warm and peaceful spring night, the night we rekindled our friendship. Little did we know, our friendship would turn into a relationship. Sitting up all night chatting and reminiscing about the past, about how we used to live next door to each other, the time I went to the dance with you and left, and the countless times you would catch me outside laying on my rooftop at night. A few days later, we soon talked about how much we had in common, from music and art, to food and interests, we thought to decide to date.

The date was April 14th, we had officially made our new, young love known, and without a care. You see, our parents used to not like each other due to the typical "you're not good enough for my daughter," and "she's a bad influence to my son," but we didn't care. Soon, our parents care to terms with the whole relationship after they saw how happy we made each other.

We had our first date almost the week after at a small restaurant named Burnetti's. We shared our love for pizza, and had so much fun talking and laughing about any and everything. I remember pulling back into the driveway of the place I was staying temporarily, and you opening my door, walking me to the door, and kissing me goodnight. It was only minutes later, you texted me to let me know you got home, and we spent all night talking on the phone, well knowing we both had to get up and work the next morning.

Our dates continued on from movies, to dinners at your parent's house, to days at the mall. A couple months went on, and we had our first big fight. This fight resulted in us taking a break, me speeding out of your driveway, and lots of tears. It wasn't even a week later, we got back together, and talked about how silly we both were, and made agreements and moved on, because there was no better couple out there than us.

A month later, after we made up and continued to move on, I was kicked out of the house I was living in, and had no where to go except to Alabama where my mom resided. We were both devastated, but tried to make the most out of a bad situation.

We had gone through living in two houses with his parents, and he finally landed a decent job, but things were rocky between us. I was always snapping at him for everything, and he only wanted to help me. We broke it off, yet again in October of 2016, right after his mother’s birthday. I stayed at a friends house for a month, until he finally realized that he, and I, had made a huge mistake.

I’m not going to lie, it took some winning over his parents after I had been calling them names, and after they learned I cheated on him while he was in the hospital two years prior, but they accepted, and we all moved on.

Fast forward years later, and we have a small one bedroom apartment, two dead end jobs living paycheck to paycheck with the most amazingly, energetic, loving dog. They say, “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger,” and I have full faith that is in fact a correct statement. We have had so many trials and errors in our story, from losing a child to finding out his mother has breast cancer.

But, it hasn’t been all bad. We have a roof over our heads, food to eat and love for one another. We can only go up from here, and I must say, it’s been a bumpy ride, but I’m sure whatever the storm, we can stick it out until the end.

Leah Marie
Leah Marie
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Leah Marie

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