by Mary Paz 2 years ago in literature

Chapter 1


Once upon a modern time in a university that I am not going to mention, there was a girl. Her name was Mary and she was someone you could describe as a sunshine, but her close friends would say that she had a good personality. In a way, she was an optimist and always willing to help others, not to mention that she was always following the rules. Mary was a good girl but her boyfriend was a jerk. No kidding. He was a jerk, and not in the way that he did one thing wrong—no, he's not that kind. He was the kind of guy that did everything wrong and, yes, I am gonna make you hate this guy for plot reasons. Anyway, the jerk—I mean John—is just the worst, but the story is not about him...well, at least for now. Here's where the story actually begins: Mary's usual routine starts in the morning with a really annoying alarm that is her phone, and after turning it off every five minutes for half an hour, she finally wakes up for a quick shower, a nice coffee, and a heavy breakfast. Mary is finally ready to leave for her first class. In the afternoon, she meets up with her friends in the cafeteria to discuss what the club will do on the weekend. Quick note: her club is called "The Weekend Activities" and, of course, she is the president.

"OK, let's begin planning our club activity for this weekend, and just a reminder, this weekend is a cheap activity," said Mary.

"Um, maybe we should have a picnic," said the secretary in a timid voice.

"We already did that, Laila, and let's just say Erik's cooking skills are awful, so that's a no," said the vice president with a sassy attitude.

"For the last time, Sasha, I didn't know that the cheese was spicy," said the treasurer.

"You also didn't know that the bread was expired, but that's what we get for making a man cook. But hey, at least you didn't burn your apartment," said Sasha.

"Guys let's be serious. We need to do something this weekend. Any other ideas?" said Mary.

"I got nothing. And you, Erik?" Sasha responded.

"Well, I do have a new board game that I want to try," said Erik

"That's good. Then it's settled, and just in time, cause I need to get to my next class. So that's it. I'll see you guys later, and Laila, don't forget Mr. Ramires's assessment. And Erik, we have lab tomorrow," said Mary as she was waving goodbye

"Bye," said Sasha, Laila, and Erik as Mary was looking away.

"Did anyone else notice that Mary is smiling a little less lately?" asked Laila.

As the mood was getting tenser, Sasha and Erik started to explain to Layla what happened to Mary years ago. And yes, this the part of the story where you're going to know about the character's past.

"Listen, since your new to the group and Mary's birthday is coming up, we're going to tell you the reason why Mary is like that, but please DO NOT mention this issue to Mary," said Sasha in a worried tone.

"OK?" said Laila.

The reason why Mary was feeling bad is that, when she was a child, she couldn't handle the idea of being alone. She really hated it. Ever since her father died in a car accident when he was on his way to her seventh birthday party, Mary has hated her birthday and the fact of being alone. She just keeps blaming herself for that. Mary continues her daily routine: classes in the afternoon and workouts at six PM, and right after that, her daily routine of trying to figure out why John was late for their date again. She knew that John was cheating on her but she didn't want to admit it because she was scared. Even if she knew what was really going on, she just ignored it because he would always go back to her when he needed money.

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