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Only The First Date

by Shahidah Ahmad 11 days ago in dating

The First Date

Only The First Date

Jackson Taylor stared across the table at his date. He stared directly into her eyes. They were the most beautiful things on her face. As he stared, they sat at a round table in a restaurant that they had chosen for their first date. They had known each other for years working in the same building for the same business; but this was the first time they had gone out. It was right after the first time that he had developed the courage to ask her out not knowing that she had, for just as long, wanted to ask him out.

"I've never seen a sight as beautiful as you, Esmeralda Hunter," he said.

Esmeralda blushed. "Thank you. For a long time, I wasn't sure I could compete with your looks, though. You're so handsome."

"That stuns me. I mean, how often do you look in the mirror."

"You really think I'm that beautiful? And is a man such as you really in awe of my beauty."

"Yes. And I've watched you and watched you; and I kept wanting to make it permanent........ the ability to see you every day and watch you. You look like a queen or a princess."

"I never thought of myself that way and will remain in awe that a man such as you can think someone like me is so awesome. I mean, you have the glory of the, shining, north star which guides people's way during the darkest nights."

"Well, my Dear, you are so marvelous that I think the universe looks at you to see something marvelous and significant."

Diamonds adorned Esmeralda from her head to her wrists - from the diamond comb that held her hair together, to the diamond earrings hanging from her ears, and the diamond necklace around her neck, and to the diamond bracelets upon her wrists.

"Your diamonds are beautiful; but they don't shine as brightly as your eyes."

"I would not think of wearing them as much for anyone other than you. And I don't think my eyes shine as much unless I'm looking into yours."

Once finished with their meal, Jackson and Esmeralda exited the restaurant. They would spend the last part of their date walking barefooted by the beach underneath a sky full of stars, a large, silvery, full moon, and the darkest sky which gave the stars and moon their finest shine. They would sip on a single glass of Merlot stained with her beautiful red lipstick.

The sand crawled in between their toes. The wind blew cool breezes upon their bodies and forced the ocean back and forth. The wind and water made a song that was the music of nature.

"This night," Jackson began, "has a greater shine than the stars can produce on their own due to your glory."

"And I've never experienced a night as interesting and pleasurable as this one that has you in it."

"Do you know what I wonder? And I've wondered it since the first time I met you. I wonder how you've avoided constant harrassment. How have you not been followed and harrassed by ordinary people, animals, insects, but especially men because of your outstanding beauty. It seems like even the birds and butterflies would be drawn to you harrassing you throughout the day. Are they all as shy as I was?"

She blushed. "Whatever I escaped, I must have escaped the same way that you did, Beloved. I don't know how a celebrity gets more attention than a man as handsome as you who has the nerve to still have a decent spirit and mind."

They walked on along the beach until they were instinctively inclined to leave. No matter how much they pleased each other, no night could last forever. If they had stayed on the beach, sleep would still, eventually, overpower them, night would give way to another day, the time for work would arrive, time to prepare would have passed them by. But neither left the beach before they were somehow drawn together like magnets to plant a kiss upon each other lips, a kiss that would prove to be the best that either had ever dreamed of having, a kiss that they would long to feel again and again becoming addicted. There was no doubt that they would be together again.


Shahidah Ahmad
Shahidah Ahmad
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