One Take

by Adam Hayton 7 months ago in breakups

My hands hurt from typing...

One Take

Letting Go

I’m writing this on the fly, it’s clear tonight, and I can see the stars. They’re fascinating, I can’t even begin to imagine how many are out there. I’m getting off topic, I know, but that’s what you get for having a sudden urge to write whilst being out on a walk.

I’m currently going through a process, a process of letting go of someone. I’m doing well, really well in fact, but I don’t know, it’s just a bit shit isn’t it? That’s as honest as I can be, I’m happier though, because that person just wasn’t good for me, and for me to progress, I needed to let go. To ensure that I progressed, moved on, learnt a lesson, you get the picture. I spoke about the whole thing in great detail with someone very close, and I don’t know, something in me shifted. I felt free, like a weight had lifted. I know that’s a cliché, but that’s really how I felt, how I feel. It’s weird, for so long I felt down, heartbroken, disillusioned. I didn’t know myself anymore. Something in me snapped, and I decided that I was worth more than that, and that I actually deserved someone’s time. I spoke about self love in my last piece, so I won’t go on about it in this one, but that’s what I decided to go with.

I wanted to write about letting go because I know that so many people have let go of someone, or are letting go of someone, whether it be a friend, ex-boy/girlfriend, loved one (for whatever reason). It’s such a terrible thing to go through, because it’s the memories that get you. When you least expect it too, a song comes on, or you hear a sound that’s familiar, a certain smell, it can be the littlest thing, but a memory can be associated with it and that makes that letting go process just that little bit harder. Some people can let go just like that, I’ve really got to dislike someone to just let go that easy.

My advice is, distract yourself. Not in a way that feels forced. Just do what you feel is best; chase a dream, learn something new, get a job, or a different job, it can be anything. Anything that feels natural.

Me? I’m writing like crazy, I’m working a new job, building bridges, and planning the next year of my life. It’s working pretty well, I won’t lie, but on the rare occasion (that’s where I’m at now in the process) something does creep up that hits me, and I feel down about things.

But I always come back up again, I always feel better, and I always move on. The times that I am down about letting go, they’re very rare, and I call that progress. It puts a smile on my face to think about how I’m doing, and it puts a smile on my face when this piece gets read and something is either learnt or understood. Because at least then I managed to connect to you in some way, and just that little connection can do wonders. I hope with my writing that I can relate and advise where I can, if I do, then that’s a resounding success, if not, there’s not a lot I can do about that, but at least the time was taken to read me going on and on about my life.

Anyway, it’s late, and it’s cold, and I need get myself home.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this read, there’s more to come, I promise. Covering just about everything.

Peace out,


Adam Hayton
Adam Hayton
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