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Now That I'm 'Hot' You Want Me?

A Very Awkward Date with a Long Time Friend

By Gloria RosePublished 6 years ago 3 min read

Okay, so this guy I had known for many years named Jake asked me if I wanted to go get lunch with him. I thought to myself, Yay, free food with my friend! So, of course I agreed to go. I mean, who with a working brain declines free food?

That same night, I was relaxing at home and I walked into my living room and I noticed that a family friend was visiting. We began to talk about random things and then he mentioned to me that Jake was telling everyone how he wanted to start dating me since I lost weight and I looked beautiful. He also told me that my boobs looked huge since I was slimming down (Yes, it was an uncomfortable conversation for me).

Now, I must admit that, although I'm an adult, I am a little on the air-headed side. That's why I was flabbergasted when I realized Jake had asked me out for lunch because he LIKED me, not because he just wanted to spend time with me because we were friends, realizing this made me feel trapped. First of all, I was not interested in Jake at all. Second of all, he had known me for so long so it's kinda weird that when my extra fat finally decides to leave, now he wants to get to know me better...I THINK NOT!

Since I'm a traditional woman with values and morals, I decided to just go on the date with him. Get my free food and act like I don't know he likes me, because that seemed like the easiest way to not make things weird since we were friends.

So the next day comes and I make it a point to not wear a ton of makeup or wear anything that hints at me trying to impress him. That was the LAST thing I wanted him to think. I wore clothes that shouted, "We are just friends! We are practically siblings, no romance going on here!"

I quickly got inside of his vehicle then he looked over at me and gave me a soft smile. All of a sudden I felt even more trapped. I felt so uncomfortable. He seemed like a stranger. While he was driving, I tried my best to talk about things that friends talk about and I was doing a great job at it until, out of nowhere, he gave me that gentle smile and said to me, "You look so beautiful, you are gorgeous."

I almost started hyperventilating. I told myself that I couldn't let him think that I think he liked, me so I tilted my head and with all the innocence in me, I said: "Oh you are so kind to me. That's why I consider you to be my brother." He laughed and told me that I was so funny, which made me irritated because he wasn't catching my extremely subliminal message! Everyone knows that the "bro zone" is even worse than the "friend zone!" That was my ultimate tactic to let him know that I didn't want to date him... (even though we were already out on a date, technically...)

A few minutes later, he told me he had to stop by the bank right before we went to the restaurant because something urgent had come up. He went inside the bank and I started thinking of what else I could do to let him know I was not interested. I hate to hurt people's feelings so I didn't want to just straight up diss him. Then again, I wondered why did I care when he only liked me now because of my looks, which is crazy. I'm not trying to toot my own horn or anything, but when I was a size eighteen I was beautiful as well. I'm the same girl on the inside.

I saw him coming back towards the car and he looked angry and disheartened. When he got in, I asked him what was wrong. He told me that some company took a lot of money out of his account and so he wouldn't be able to take me to that particular restaurant. I felt sorry for him. I'm sure he felt embarrassed not having money all of a sudden while taking a girl out on a date. Deep down inside, I was screaming "HURRAY! I won't have to awkwardly reject him today!" He brought me back home and I was so relieved.

After that day, he never asked me out on a date again. I always thought that maybe being embarrassed made him rethink his decisions or maybe he just stopped wanting me. Either way, I don't care. I'm just glad that my "brother" is still my friend.



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Gloria Rose

Hello im a 24 year old woman who is new to writing . Please if you like something I write let me know it keeps me motivated to create even more wonderful things!

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