Not to Believe

by Muse liv 2 years ago in fact or fiction

The Beginning Part 1

Not to Believe

Waking up at 5 a.m. to my alarm having no strength to move, so tired I laid there staring at the ceiling not wanting to move. I grab my cellphone to turn the alarm off then I see 6 missed calls I don't recognize but not interested of knowing from whom. I finally gained some strength to get out of bed and I looked myself at the mirror in front of me, I have never been like this I could see my face how tired I am. I could tell I have lost some weight, feel so weak I have no desire to go to going to work I loved my job there was no moment that I hated it but now is not the same. I haven't seen my friends for a while I haven't answered their calls or their text I just want to be left alone. I get my stuff ready to leave and my cellphone rings and when I check to see who it is, it's the same missed calls from earlier but I ignored it and but my cellphone in my bag and I leave to work.

Rushing to be on time to work and all I can think of is to turn around and go back home. I don't feel doing anything at all today or any day no more, as I am arriving to work the first thing I see is Marissa with her stuff apparently she quit. She's always trying to start something with me and only me of all people in the office she only picks me to piss off.

"Look who arrived the depressed bitch from the west coast". She says with a devil face.

I looked at her and I just ignore her and I kept walking. I could see from the reflection from the glass door she turn around to look at me as I walked away. I settle down into my desk getting my work ready and then my boss walks next to me.

"Elizabeth I need to see you in my office now".

I put my papers down and as I head over to her office I could see everyone staring at me as if I was in trouble. I sat down and I looked around.

"When did you remodel you're office? The color is nice."

She looked at me never like before.

"Elizabeth I did this 3 months ago I told you about it".

I sat there started to think I actually don't remember what I have done this past 5 months.

"I'm worried about you, ever since Jeremiah disappeared you haven't been quite yourself".

"I really don't want to discuss this right now" I said,

"I'am here whenever you need to talk you're not alone".

I nod my head.

"Take some time off work go home and relax, now go".

I went home and I start to think about Jeremiah I don't understand where did he went. His been missing for 5 months and no one saw where he went. I always get a flashback of the day he disappeared. I was in bed watching him getting ready to leave then he turns around and looks at me with a smirk smile he stretches over to me and gives me a kiss he tells me that he loves me and he leaves, where can he be? I arrive at my place a guy approached me.

"Are you Elizabeth?"

'Can I help you?" I asked,

"I am Jacob I have some information about Jeremiah".

At that moment I hoped this guy knows where he might be. We went to my apartment to talk. We sat down. I could tell this guy haven't been sleeping because of his eyes.

"What kind of information do you have?"

"He was with my brother the day he disappeared. The only thing I know is they were seen out of state I hired a private investigator you see but then they couldn't fine them again".

"Why would they do that? Just leave like nothing just like that".

My heart started pounding fast I started to get confused.

"I can't tell you why but my brother would have never done this it's just not like him"

"I just can't believe he would do that".

"Look I'm leaving tomorrow on the train to look for my brother personality you could come with me if you want".

I stood there quietly staring at the floor with no respond back.

"Just think about it you have my number".

He left and I am still standing trying not to believe that he would do this to me. I could feel the pain in my chest I couldn't breath for a moment.The fact that he disappeared is killing me and now this. Why would he do this? There's no thought in my mind I want to know what happen I need to end this suffer I am going through. I head to the bathroom while getting undressed I take a quick shower and when I got out I started putting my clothes in a bag ready for tomorrow. When I grabbed my last shirt something felt to the floor and when I picked it up it was Jeremiah necklace he always wears it, to this point it started to get suspicious about all of this I started to have a bad stomach about this.

The next day I was already on my way to meet Jacob. I am so nervous having all this thought in my head and I don't want to believe none of them. I arrive at the train station, I got out of the car with my bag and I saw Jacob ahead of me with some people he sees me and waves. I head towards him.

"Elizabeth this is my wife Jessica and my good friend Rob".

"Hi nice to meet you," I said,

"Likewise" Rob said with a deep voice.

"We should be heading out before we miss the train," Jacob said,

We start settling on the train and I notice Rob looking at me. I sat down looking outside the window and suddenly someone touched my shoulder when I looked up it's Jessica.

"Are you ok?" she asked

"Yeah I'm fine," I said with a smile

She sat back down and the train started to move. I could feel my heart starting to pound I don't think I'm ready to know the truth or either to accept it. All I wish is for this to be over already and have my life back.

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