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No Romance

by Alixzandra Wiseman 2 years ago in single
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This is a poem based piece of writing about how I feel that relationships have become for me. This I feel is what lacks in the modern world how single mothers are often tainted with judgements before they are really known at all, as a parent we balance everything trying to keep everything in harmony and balanced yet when it comes to relationships we are scorned and treated as sexual meat. When people talk about true gentlemen and how I will find someone, believe me when I say I have looked and I have seen first hand how men change when they find out am a mother.

No Romance
Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

I want to lay in his arms, hear his voice whispering sweet nothing's in my ear. I want to feel safe and secure to know I'm not judged for who I am, let alone what I believe in, or what I do. To know my son is safe and secure, that my son is loved and supported by someone that loves and supports me, to know we are both treasured, trusted and respected.

But yet it is unlikely to happen in this modern world, no man wants a women who is a single mother unless that man see a price tag. We single mothers are often seen as nothing more than cheep meal tickets, we are seen as lazy because we put our child or children first, and any man worth their weight a man who is respectful and a true gentlemen doesn't want a single mother however intelligent that women maybe, however hard we work, or however many tears we shed. We single mothers are always being brave trying to make ends meet, hoping we can survive to the next pay day, hoping we can be their for are child and yet also continue to work and keep bills paid.

All those good men turn their backs and then they wonder why a lot of women turn cold and empty to the whole idea of romance, care and love. Why so many women become empty to the whole idea of relationships and even step away from wanting a man in their life. We women become sick of being hurt, let down and turned down because we are mother's, I will admit it is not limited to us women, as some single fathers also get caught in this circle of modern norms, how relationships are seen as only a bed time joy, and anything else that would be considered more romantic are seen as a fairy tale.

So I will work hard, break my back from fear and stress while holding the balance of pressures every day, playing the role of mum and dad while hoping for a good man, a gentlemen, to one day be in my life. But the hope in my heart is fading and many have seen it broken on the ground, for a it seems a gentlemen will always turn their back when they know your a single mother. For some they can not accept being a father to another mans child, others can not accept a mothers choice to not have another child, some men can not handle the fear of being supportive for more than one person.

The gentlemen that say they are feminists and hope for equality for all but yet how quickly they run when they find out your a single mother, equality for both genders how shallow to say they are feminist yet run a mile when they met a single mother.

So I guess I will have no romance again, a broken heart remaining while hoping yet knowing it will never be. Equality is almost a laughable joke in modern ways as so many make a mockery of it, they talk about equality yet run a mile when given that option to date a mother and that's okay after all its their choice, at least I can cry for everything that will never be and at least I know I will never have romance again however much I miss someone in my life.


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