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New Women's World Record, set by a man?

Man beats womans record previously held by Trans woman

By Jesse BridgesPublished 8 months ago Updated 8 months ago 3 min read

Avi Silverberg, the head coach for Team Canada, a man, who as always identified as a man and has been Powerlifting for more than 10 years, Entered this year’s Heroes Classic tournament in Lethbridge, Alberta. Avi, after signing in and identifying as a woman, walked up to the platform, still fully bearded and wearing a regular men’s singlet, casually bench-pressed nearly 370 pounds beating the current Alberta women’s record by almost 100 pounds.

The previous record of 275 pounds was held by Anne Andres. Anne Andres’ in her powerlifting career has taken part in 12 sanctioned competitions over the past four years and remains unbeaten in the majority of her appearances, claiming 10 gold medals, one silver, and one bronze. Oh, and did I mention, Anne Andres was also born a man, but identifies as a woman.

Anne Andres stated she couldn’t believe that the women’s bench press was “so bad”, which sparked outrage in the community. Avi Silverberg after hearing this comment wanted to make a point, that’s when he signed up for the woman’s Bench competition to show how ridiculous the policies are.

Canadian Powerlifting Union policy states, “A person should be able to participate with the gender they identify as and not be subject to requirements for disclosure of personal information beyond those required of cisgender athletes. “

According to Silverberg, allowing men to compete in women's sports compromises the integrity of women's competitions. “I’m stating facts,” Avi said of the “unfair advantage” — comparing it to the advantage a woman would have if she entered a drag queen show against men.

Silverberg joining this competition is precisely what’s wrong with this policy. It doesn’t matter how Avi expresses himself or perceives himself. He clearly does not belong in women’s sports, nor does any other male regardless of their motivation for wanting to participate.

How long before the powers-that-be accept that if you’re born a female, you’re not going to be as powerful or as strong, as if you were born a male. Personally, I don’t see why this is so difficult. Easy solution, we just need to add a separate category, a new category, the trans category, then move on to more important issues. It has to be done, especially for combat sports where women competitors could get injured or worse. Its really the only fair option. Everyone deserves the right to compete, but to compete without competition, takes the enjoyment out of the sport.

People in charge need to step back and rethink the approach to gender identification. Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t need the hate mail or death threats, I have nothing against the trans community. Its just biological facts and has been that way since the beginning of human existence. Again, I mean no disrespect to anyone, I have no issues respecting your choice to be who you want to be or who you really are. The problem does not pertain to that, but the way you feel about yourself does not change your biology. A child born male is biologically a man. With technological advances we have made, we can sum what alter this, but no amount of medication or Surgeries can change that completely.

We are tipping the balancing point a little too far on the politically correct scale. Enough is enough. There is an old saying that has been forgotten. “Toughen Up, play the hand your dealt”

In a world where common sense seems to be diminishing, it is important to remember the crucial life lessons that guide us through life. Treating others with respect and following the golden rule of treating others as we want to be treated are essential values that must be upheld. It is disheartening to see that many of these important statements have become lost in the shuffle of daily life. However, we must remain steadfast in our commitment to these principles and strive to create a kinder, more compassionate world for all. By upholding these values and leading by example, we can ensure that these crucial life lessons will guide us through these crazy times, keeping us on the right path.

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  • Kathy Newby Porter8 months ago

    Well stated.

  • Thank you Ema, With everything going on from a completely untrustworthy government....... Even more than normal , aliens and AI taking over everything we have enough issues to deal with. People need to chill out and just give others respect. Stop making mountains out of mole hills and for god sakes stop being so self centered. It cant really be that difficult.... or maybe so some it is..

  • ema8 months ago

    This is a really interesting point. Because changes can be made, but all the implications must be carefully evaluated.

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