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Never Complain, Never Explain.

The adage used by royalty.

By Leeza CooperPublished 2 years ago 8 min read
Vladimir Kush; pinterest.

The Queen is dead.

The 8th of September marks the day Queen Elizabeth, the longest-reigning British monarch in history, died.

Many who never knew her in person, nonetheless are in mourning; some of us are unmoved and neutral, and others, especially those which were colonized during Englands day's of empire, may be feeling a sense of, dare I say it, relief, comfort in the consolation that a past injustice has been resolved.

Whatever your stance and position regarding the Queens passing, now would be an opportune time to reflect on the nature of the monarchy, kingship and the anti-democratic imperial nature of governance.

Why, for instance, should we, as a democratic nation, be ruled-not governed but ruled-by an hereditary family which dates its ancestry back to the times of King Ethelred the unready in England in 1013?

This is a family whose only qualification for monarchy, is that they were born from the lions of a monarch. Are they fit to govern? King George 111 in 1770 was barking mad and lost America; Queen Victoria became whats known as a "useful idiot", mourning for her husband Albert for decades, and even though he had been dead for years, every morning, she used to go into his bedroom and ensure that his hairbrush and shaving gear was ready with hot water.

There have been more oddballs, lunatics, and utterly incapable men and women anointed as King and Queen than in any other trade or occupation. Most nations have gotten rid of their monarchs and are quite content with a president elected by a majority of the people. Of the few monarchs still around, almost all are nothing more than ceremonial relics of an ancient system of government.

But England, it seems, has retained a special affection for most of its post war-monarchs, or has it?

Of course, it goes without saying that it is a sorrowful time for some who feel they have lost someone they admired, respected or loved, and so the decent and respectful thing to do, for the rest of us who don't give a toss, would be to either shut-up, or just smile and nod.

Each of us have different reasons for choosing who we respect and relate too, or resonate with, assimilate with, or vibrate with. Perhaps you too are a little disappointed and disillusioned with the monarchy, its double standards, its flagrant display of extra marital affairs, its associations and friendships with unsavory characters, its gigantic mountain of dirt and unlawful activities such as the "Paradise Papers" to name just one.

Then there are the persistent rumors as to the real paternity of Prince Harry. Extra marital affairs are far from a new phenomenon among royalty, but they're still something they try to keep under wraps. Sadly, one of the reasons cheating is so common among royals is that their marriages tend to be about preserving wealth and bloodlines, rather than love.

There is no denying the facts regarding the ingrained perpetuation and evolution of the British Monarchy, with its insidious entitled underpinning, no matter how much we may want to sugar coat it.

Its human nature to want to be inspired by someone powerful, successful and popular. Maybe the royal family aren't your cup of tea, perhaps like me you prefer to be stimulated, inspired and moved by someone authentic, humane and organic like Deepak Chopra, the Indian American, the Ayurvedic new-age guru. The alternative medicine guru who flew onto the New York Times Best Sellers List with his book The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success. His purpose, focus and mission is directed towards educating the world about mind/body spiritual healing.

Or, perhaps your soul aligns with the brilliant Esther Hicks, the American inspirational speaker, channeler, and author. Maybe your moved and feel a deep connection to The Dali Lama in your everyday life. Whomever it is, or whatever it is that lights you up does not matter, as long as we have "some belief". A life without a belief system lacks purpose and grounding, it allows us to be pulled away in the wrong direction, or worst still, it can bury us alive in the pits of hell if we aren't careful.

Our own life path and journey in a way posits the attraction, repulsion or indifference we have towards others. Personally, I have struggled with the separation of society caused by the creation of an artificial hierarchy of the monarchy and its attendant elite, versus the commoners, the people. For centuries there has been a mammoth division of the people of the world in to a particular class or sect. It is this low vibration and way of control and power that I begin to find great fault with the monarchy.

Of course we are led to believe that the monarchy exists for our safety, security and wellbeing.

But does it, does it really?...

While the monarchy gets richer and richer and more powerful the people find themselves poorer and sicker, more controlled and more divided.

Famine exists now more than ever, disease is rampant and homelessness has risen. More than 274,000 people are homeless in England right now, including 126,000 children. A 2021 analysis of official rough sleeping and temporary accommodation figures shows that one in every 206 people in England is currently without a home. All while the monarchy eat their caviar, dine on lobster and drink their Piper Champagne. While they spend obscene amounts of money on anything they desire, buy anything and anyone, build property portfolios and investments, gold and silver, take extravagant holidays, and pay no tax.

But they volunteer and have a life dedicated to service, and they give away money some may say....

But at what cost?

Of course we cannot proclaim to understand exactly how it came to be that this gross truth was accepted by many, or how it was explained away to the people as acceptable, or that this amount of money or power became not only a right of passage, but applauded by many on the wrong side of the pearly gates.

Just because its history repeating itself does not mean its right, does it?

Perhaps we need to reflect upon the story that we have been fed for centuries and turn a new page, maybe its time to plant a new seed of thought and consciousness. Are we not appalled at this gross injustice, are we not a little perplexed that such greed and division has continued for so long. How is it that we followed the narrative fed to us without question, singing "God Save The Queen" all through our school years?

The word "indoctrination" comes to mind, its the golden standard for how the whole world is run; its power over the people, its the way we are led, or taught, or is it shackled?

Life works on the principles of law and attraction, cause and affect. Nowhere in the bible did it say; honor your Queen, or, die for your queen.

Nowhere does it suggest that infidelity, pedophilia, extortion, even murder was an acceptable way for the monarchy to behave. For centuries the monarchy has hidden behind the vail and authority of the crown and made excuses for their immoral behavior. King Charles 1st was beheaded for trying to overthrow the parliament. In 1688, William and Mary were forced to invade England to replace the rule of King James 11 who tried to destroy the Church of England. Kings George 1st and 2nd were imports from Germany to the British throne and spoke not a word of English.

King George 1v was such a selfish, lazy and glutenous pig of a man that for the last years of his life, he was so fat from overeating and indulgence that he was unable to get out of bed. More recently, King Edward v111 ignored his duties and responsibilities and abdicated his throne because of his love for an American divorce, Wallis Simpson. And some of the late Queen Elizabeths children and grandchildren show few signs that they will follow her lead of responsibility and duty. Its also documented that Prince Andrew paid millions of dollars to avoid a sex scandal with an underage girl; Prince Harry slandered his family recently on Oprah Winfrey.

Yet because they are the royal family, for centuries they have arrogantly claimed innocence and ignorance, and been awarded get out of jail cards. Where in all of this is the revolt and disgust from the media, the other elite, the hierarchy, where is the holding accountable for their action, is it ok that they are pardoned or exempt?

The cold hard truth is that they have always been exempt, they are still exempt, we are not and never will be.

That in itself should scream injustice.

"Are we also not concerned about what we are teaching our future generations, is this the banner and the standard in which we choose to worship, celebrate and honor?"

The Commonwealth Coat Of Arms sits proudly in the Australian courtrooms of my country; it is the formal symbol of the Commonwealth of Australia and signifies Commonwealth authority and ownership. It is used by Australian government departments and agencies, statutory and non-statutory authorities, the parliament and Commonwealth courts and tribunals. Nestled into the second quarter of the Australian shield is the Queens crown (representing Queen Victoria) and the monarchy. This is what we associate ourselves with, this is our golden standard and our faith and belief system, our go to backbone of fairness, equality and rights.

Except it seems a little faulty, a little c0mical even, like we are a dumb audience consumed in a silly sitcom, and any minute John Cleese is going to pop out and tell us the palace tower is burning.

Is it not hypocritical and shameful for our courts to hold and prosecute anyone approaching the bench for criminal activities under the Queen Victoria crown, especially when the British monarchy under which we rule is pardoned without consequence?...

There's an old saying when it comes to finding out the truth, and that is to follow the paper trail; invented in the 19th century from a game called Fox & Hounds, where the "fox" carried a haversack filled with scraps of paper which he distributed as he ran thus leaving a trail for the "hounds" to follow. The Royals invented this game, they have been playing it for centuries, whilst we mere commoners have been scampering around like little scared mice trying not to get trampled on.

And lets not forget that no royal castle would be complete without a grand celebration or two, a wedding or three, a tantalizing scandal, or a dirty rotten scoundrel. Perhaps thats why we love to love, or love to loath the royal family, because their shortcomings and misgivings make them relatable, despite the segregation and superiority they try to impose.

Doesn't it make perfect sense?

Is it not true that growing up most of us dream of becoming a prince or a princess, a king or a queen, and so we hang onto the royal family despite all its flaws?

Does it comfort us that fairytales do exist, and anything is possible; I think so; and if you don't believe me, just ask Meagan.

And as we bid the Queen a final farewell I cannot help but remember what the peoples Princes; Dianna would say; where there's smoke there's fire; or, is it dragons.....

Love & Light



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Leeza Cooper

Leeza Cooper, a devotee, artiste, creator of published literature & poetry; Studied Degree CU, founder/president of Wheels & Dolls SMC; raising funds for DV, lover of travel, nostalgia & anything vintage.

Ms Australia International 2023.

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  • Peter Trainerabout a year ago

    Totally outdated, and let’s not forget the coat of arms in Australia is a kangaroo that they kill by the thousands and turn into dogmeat and what the Royals do to that poor little fox enjoy the story. Unfortunately, majority of humans are stupid. God save the planet 😉

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