My Worst Date
My Worst Date


by Heidi Sunshine 2 years ago in dating

A date for two...maybe three?


Once upon a time, there were two teenagers who were madly in love. They went on dates to the movies, concerts, spent time with each other’s family (quite a bit actually). The problem was, they were never really ALONE. So one night, the two teenagers decided to take the girls dads station wagon and park in a overlook parking lot. It was just them and the sunset. It was the perfect date. They brought a laptop and were watching movies. One movie turned into 3 and they were just enjoying the quiet. A kiss here and there and maybe a make out for a minute.

All of a sudden, they see flashing red and blue lights. The nice policemen who happened to know my family asked us for our ID’s and registration. We give it to him and he points out that I’m 17 and he was going to be 19 soon. We looked confused, as we were not doing anything. He pulls my boyfriend off to the side and asks him what we were doing in the car and he said, “Just making out and watching a movie.” Then he asks him if his parents know where he is. My boyfriend replies, “They know that I am with my girlfriend.” So he shakes his hand and then pulls me aside and asks what we were doing. I said “Making out and watching a movie.” He then reminded me that I am still a minor and should get Home. I said “Thank you officer, we will”. Later to find out that the park closed at 9pm and it was almost midnight. But we got home and sat in the driveway and just looked at each other and laughed. This stuff you only saw in the movies! We could also tell that the officer was a bit concerned at first because I was a 17 year old who looked like a 12 year old. But it was still so embarrassing to have my first serious boyfriend and me carded on our first real date together!

On the flipside, we did have a sate once where the waitress gave me a children's menu and crayons and another time when it was my first time visiting him at college and all his college friends thinking I was his little sister!

But that scary cop moment defiantly takes the cake! When you feel a cop who knows your family is going to go home and tell your dad that you were parked at an overlook alone, watching a movie. A dad will jump to the worst conclusion! We actually drove home really slowly to make sure he wasn't following us.

The best part of the story, 7 years later, married for almost 4 years and 2 kids!

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