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My Worst Date Ever (and Coming Out)

by Luci 2 years ago in dating

Yeah, it was a rollercoaster.

So this happened a while back, but it's still my best story to tell in case I need to explain how bad dating has been for me. So I suppose I'll tell it, again, and see what you think.

Let's see, around middle school is when this happened. Now you may be thinking you can't date that young, but you'd be surprised how many kids date at those ages now and days. Anyways back to the story, I had just recently got together with Jack and he was sweet to say the least. Oh, I remember he bought me a few presents and we would walk around sometimes just talking. We decided to finally set a proper date about a week away from the current time.

I was excited, I thought, "How is he going to make this fun?" As said before he bought me presents and was really sweet, so of course I was excited. I thought nothing was going to go wrong, oh boy how wrong I was. So it's the night of the date, I'm trying to figure out what to wear, how to style my hair and what not. I had no idea what we were going to do as he only told my mom and his parents what we were going to do. I normally don't like surprise's, but I will admit I was a little excited.

So my mom was driving me to the date and smiling like crazy, I had finally gotten a boy who wasn't rotten and treated me right. I know a middle schooler already experiencing adult relationships. I was happy my mom approved, so I was on a high.

When we got there however, my happiness died down a little. The one thing no one told me, is our date was going to be a group date with a bunch of people who hated me, and now that I look back a guy who was a little to close to Jack. So of course I wasn't as excited and got really self conscious, but then Jack gave me a beautiful necklace with our initials. I asked how he got it because come on we were in middle school. He admitted his mom gave it to him, so he'd have a good start to our date.

I just smiled because at least he was honest, or so I thought. The night started off fine, no arguments, no side eyes, nothing. I started to think that this night was going to be perfect. That was until one of his friends started to talk to me, not that I was opposed to talking with her FRIENDLY, but it seemed she had other ideas. At first she was just taunting me, saying Jack was going to get tired of me soon. He was apparently out of my league, and I can tell you right now that was NOT the case. So I got fed up and told her to leave me alone, I didn't want to talk with her.

But I guess she just didn't get it, what looks like playful pushing on the outside was actually painful pushing. The bruising appeared a day later though, so no one could tell. That was just the start of a horrendous night. I tried telling Jack, but he just brushed it off, she's was just 'a little more aggressive than most girls, she was "just playing around." So I got upset, but I didn't want to make a scene.

About an hour and a half later, Jack has to use the bathroom, and the friend who was a little too close—Mark—yeah he went too, claiming he had to go pee. I just rolled my eyes, he was probably going to try and convince Jack to try some weed again or something else. It had been about like 15 minutes since Mark and Jack went to the bathroom, I got slightly worried and went to check on them. Marrisa tried to stop me, with her nails by grabbing onto my arm extremely hard. I gave her this look and just ripped my arm out of her grip, I'm telling you right now I wish she hadn't gotten her nails done.

When I got to the bathrooms I heard some strange noises and got curious. It wasn't my first time in a guys bathroom so I didn't mind going in. I did get a weird look from some guy in there though, whoops. The noise was coming from the biggest stall and as I got closer I could hear clearly they were moans. I hesitated for a moment, but eventually opened the stall only to see Jack and Mark kissing aggressively, I was in shock right away. But when I realized what was happening I slammed the door shut and ran out of the restaurant. I needed air, I was so confused. I had never gotten an indication he might be into guys, but the proof was right there. The group ran out after me. Jack worried about me, him and Mark also worried about being outed. Marrisa and her boyfriend smile laughing, and the rest just confused.

It all made sense, why he did nothing to stop Marrisa, she had to have known he was gay and seeing Mark behind my back. I was mad, upset, and overall just done. I turned around and just continued to ask him why. Eventually he just started shouting saying he was gay, that he was sorry he liked guys, sorry he was gay.

I was fine with the fact that he was gay, I had no problem with that. I told him not to apologize for who he was. I didn't care. I just wanted to know why and I wanted an apology. But I guess he just couldn't tell me why. He couldn't even say he was sorry.

Now he's happily dating a girl who used to be my friend, identifies as straight, and is just living his life. I'm still lonely as ever, but I'm also really gay now, so life works in weird ways.

Sorry for such a long story, oh, and names have been changed to respect privacy.

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