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My Worst Date

by Kristony Green 4 years ago in breakups


"Fatigue makes cowards of us all." -Vince Lombardi 

Everyone has had their share of good and bad dates. Not all dates require money being spent, and every date is special. To me, a date is any place that is special to both you and your crush. For example, prom is a date. I haven't had many, but I have had my share of heartbreaks and disappointments. Anybody can be let down by a random stranger, but to have someone that you’ve known for years break your heart is a jaw dropper. The guy that tore me to shreds, was Jared. We had history together, so thinking he’ll break my heart came as a shock to me.

It was the last couple of months of our senior year, and everyone was ready to walk across the stage. Since I've already got my package bundle—prom, Grad Bash, and senior week all paid for, I had no worries on my mind. Well I thought I didn’t. With the stress of senior year ending, who would’ve known that Jared and I would break our locks. Our time as a couple was coming to an end. Every now and then, I’d see a couple girls standing around his locker. They’ve never crowded around him before, why now? I'm not the jealous type but what’s mine is mine! I will fight for that. My friend Ciara would tell me all the time, “why fight for someone that’s no longer trying?” I wish I’d seen what she saw. It would have made the last weeks of high school so much better.

Weeks went by and I had asked Jared to go dress shopping with me. With prom right around the corner, I wanted to have a fairytale night. From hair all the way down to shoes, I wanted to walk and feel like a princess the entire night. When Jared arrived at my place, he wasn’t his normal self. I mean, everything about his demeanor was different. He was different. He acted as if he was hiding something from me and didn’t know whether to tell me or keep it to himself. I started to question him about whatever, but I didn’t. He’ll tell me when he’s ready. I trusted that. I gave a smirk and a quick peck on his lips then climbed in the front seat of his bright red convertible. Throughout that day, it was like we were coming to an end. I felt it not only in my mind, but also my heart. I didn’t feel the love that I once felt for him. All the days leading up to prom, Jared wasn’t the same Jared. We didn’t talk nor hang out like we used to. It seemed that I was just another girl to him. I didn’t feel like his girlfriend. The night before prom, he called me, and we talked. Not about his behavior the past weeks, but we talked. The day of prom came around and as I was getting ready the only thing I could think about was, “I can’t do this anymore.” I wanted to call Jared right then and end things with him, but what will one more date do. It’s our last night as seniors, why not enjoy it? Night came around and I was stoked. I had my dream dress, my hair was on point, and my handsome boyfriend was happily on my arm. I was psyched.

With tonight also being our anniversary, I had so much in plan for us. We walked into the hall and all eyes were on us. Jared flashed a smile at a few girls, and to one he gave a wink. I didn’t think anything of it, but there was no doubt in my mind that he had cheated. We continued to walk on to the dance floor and started to dance. The whole time it felt as if he was not into it at all. He didn't even want to stand too close to me. After about two songs, he left to go "check out his homeboys." I however, spotted my friend Mel (btw Mel=Melanie ;P) standing by her lonely and walked towards her slyly watching Jared walk over to his group of homeboys. He stopped and talked at the girl he winked at along the way. It was a little odd because he just hugged her and walked away with no words being said. It appeared as if he whispered in her ear though because she smiled seductively as he walked off.

After I made my way over to Mel, she handed me a drink then we sat down at a nearby table. By the look on my face, she knew that my night was taking a wrong turn. All I wanted to do was enjoy my last night as a senior with my boyfriend and friends, but that is far down the drain. Me and Jared's favorite song came on, "My Boo" by Usher and Alicia Keys, so I went over to get one more dance out of him. He turned me down without hesitation and walked away with his friends. He had the biggest of smirks on his face. My whole heart sunk. I went back over to Mel devastated.

“Girl, don’t trip over Jared. This is our last night’s as high school seniors, let’s enjoy it.” Mel had told me. She was right.

I've waited months for this night. I shouldn’t let no guy ruin that for me. I will just enjoy the rest of my night will Mel. It’s not like we haven’t had great times together before. She went over and got us both another drink and we danced the night away. I didn’t think about Jared at all, and I didn’t care at all what he was off doing. Someone slipped an ecstasy in my drink and things started to get crazy. Usually when your drugged, you have a hard time figuring out what’s going on, but I didn’t. It’s like once the drug kicked in, I started to see everything for what they really were.

Mel turned into the biggest party whore in the room. Jared’s friends were all drunks, and Jared was well Jared. He didn’t change a bit. I guess that’s one of the things I loved about him. Too bad things aren’t like how they use to be. Even though I was partying while drugged, things were going pretty well. That is until we arrived at the beach. Mel and I were splashing in the water when I spotted Jared I a distance making out with the same girl he winked at. I’d had my eyes set on them to the point that I didn’t realize a wave was coming right at us. Instead of jumping like everyone else, I went under a bit and almost drowned.

That night, I found out that Jared started cheating the beginning of our senior year. He had got the girl pregnant, and gave me chlamydia. He tried to turn around on me, but I knew better. He had been the only guy I've been with. I was both disgusted and disappointed. More than I was angry. That next morning, I had to go to the health clinic, where I was treated and later found out that I was three months pregnant. I didn’t want anything to do with Jared. I’d deleted his number and burnt everything that he’s ever given me. I was beyond done with him.

I had no intentions on seeing him in my life anymore. In which he felt the same. Not even for his baby, whom is innocent in this matter. It’s crazy how you can trust someone so much and they break your heart to pieces. I’d never thought Jared would do that to me, but I guess I was wrong. I may have had the worst prom experience ever, but I’ve gained so much better. Although prom was the worst date that I've ever had, my daughter is the love of my life!

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Kristony Green
Kristony Green
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