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My Wife Wants A Divorce But I Don't (What To Do If Your Wife Wants A Divorce And You Don't)

What should I do when my wife wants a divorce, but I don't? This is a very common question these days and it is more important than ever; that the answer to this question is given today. If you're looking for what to do if your wife wants a divorce and you don't then you'll want to read every word of this article.

By Hailey SadiePublished 2 years ago 6 min read

If you knew how common this situation was, you would know that you are not alone. It's more often than not that one person in the relationship want's the divorce and or break up. Your mind is racing, and I am sure that your heart doesn't feel really great either. I know that you are looking for solutions and I am going to try my very best to give them to you.

First things first, I need to ask you some serious questions and you need to be honest. Are you willing to sit and let this situation run you and by that, I mean you cannot let your mind take over with the what if's and the what did I do wrongs, and the what could I have done different questions, that are taking over your mind. Even if you feel like your world is crashing in and you feel like dying, this to shall pass.

You have to come to the realization that you can change the whole outcome of this situation. The biggest obstacle that you are going to encounter is forgiveness. You can not get this relationship back on track with out that. This is what I mean.. You have to find the root of the problem, maybe you think you know what that is, maybe you do not.

Examples of root problems:


Fallen out of love

Emotionally abandoned


There are countless reasons that people want to get a divorce. But they can be fixed. No problem is to big to fix just depends on how hard you are willing to work and how important this person is to you. How far are you willing to go to turn this all around? 100% commitment is what it takes. You need to let go of the blame and guilt, Can you do that? A great way to do this is to let your mind take you back when you first seen this person, a first date, kiss, your wedding day? That is the feeling place you need to bring yourself to, you need to find that place because only then will you be able to move past the hurt and salvage this relationship. Even with out your partners cooperation in the beginning, but they will come around, I promise you that.

What is your spouse saying, are you hearing things like, You don't pay enough attention to me, I cheated on you, I have found someone else, I don't love you anymore? These are only symptoms, you have to learn the difference. People get so hung up on the symptoms that they don't even realize that they are not even the issues. If your partner has cheated, cheating is a symptom and the core problem is a non existent sex life, feelings of loneliness, feeling unloved. Do you see the difference?

You have to fix the core problems. Be open, sit down with your partner, if distance is a issue hold their hand, this will show that you are connected and willing to listen and understand. Oh and you can not just listen you need to hear them, there is a difference and that difference will change everything. Some of the things that you hear may not be pleasant but they might be hurtful, but just remember your end goal. This is why I said earlier that you need to throw the hurt and resentment away. This is why in the past you have not heard how your partner is feeling and vice versa. Hung up on the symptoms and not getting to the core problems. Once you can both hear each other with out judgment then and only than can you truly heal, and move past the blame.

Renewed Romance Can Save Your Marriage

If your interested in saving your marriage today, I suggest you listen up. Romance is one area of common interest for both men and women and you can bring it back and save your marriage if your willing to learn how.

Marriage is not a self-fulfilling fantasy of love and enchantment, but there are some techniques that are available that can breath new life into a failing relationship.

Think back on how your marriage has progressed. Has it been the journey of excitement and happiness that you thought it should be? I would think not, since your reading this article. But you have the power to change your marriage. You can bring back the warm and fulfilling relationship you once had.

Romance Is The First Thing To Go

As our busy lives roll on, our marriages often get lost in the shuffle. Work and financial issues take hold of our lives. Raising children can becomes a relentless pursuit with little or no time left for any personal development whatsoever.

No wonder we lose the spark that once brought us together. The stress of modern life requires most of our attention just to get by. For many there is no room for romance any more.

Well, this is often an indicator of a slipping martial bond. Couples who ignore or even postpone the required intimacy that initially brought them together are soon faced with nothing more than a roommate, whose interests are, more than likely, far removed from our own.

And while it's true that romance is often the first thing to go, it doesn't have to remain that way. There's a simple way to rekindle your initial fires once again.

If You Want More, Look Behind You

There is no better way to revive your love life than to remember the excitement you once shared. If you can find a time and place to reminisce about the carefree days of your youth you've taken the first step toward saving your marriage.

I'm not going to drag out the x-rated milestones of your dating relationship but I recommend that you do. If you and your spouse can find a way to remind each other of the steamy days of your youth, chances are you can rekindle the old flame.

Look for unusual and spontaneous ways to show affection to your spouse. Slip a note into her purse that let's her know your thinking of her. Postpone one of your own obligations to spend time with your husband.

This type of ritual demonstrates your commitment to your spouses happiness and well-being. It will boost your relationship and help them to feel your love.

If kids are a factor, arrange for a series of trusted babysitters that you can rely on. Begin a new dating period with your spouse.

You Need Her And She Needs You

Marriage is a mutually needy proposition. And both of you must be responsive to the others needs. Even strong marriages can slide if one or the other spouse can't find a way to make time for their spouse.

Create an open and honest dialog about your needs and desires. Be realistic though. Too much too fast can send your uncertain partner running. Give yourself time to adjust to a new lifestyle of romance. Enjoy the baby steps to a more loving and caring relationship.

If your ready to kick-start your love life, look no further than your own history together. Chances are, your past can work wonders on your future, if you let it.

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