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My Wife Is In Love With Another Man What Should I Do (How To Get Your Wife Back From Another Man)

Are you sitting there worrying, thinking to yourself my wife is in love with another man what should I do? If so I'm so sorry because that's a terrible awful place to be. I know because I was right there as well. Here's exactly how to get your wife back from another man.

By Everly NovaPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

Getting your wife back when she is with another man may not be the easiest thing in the world to do, but it CAN be done. When you truly love her, and know that you were meant to be together, there are many things that you can do to bring her back to you.

When a marriage breaks up, there is a lot of anger and hurt. These feelings are doubled when your spouse finds someone else. The best thing you can do right now is to get a hold of your emotions. Staying angry won't help anything at all - it will only make things worse, and will ruin your chances of getting her back.

When you see her with someone else, keep it together. Don't let her see you angry. Keep your composure, say hi to her, and then walk away.

Why did she leave? Sometimes a spouse will feel like they're not loved anymore, so they will go elsewhere to find someone that will love them. If you haven't been showing your wife that you love her, that may be why she left. Is it too late to show her now? It's never too late. You have to do it a little differently now, but you can still do it.

If you see her out somewhere, say hi to her. If she is doing something and seems to be having trouble, go and help her. Be kind to her when you see her. Showing kindness is one of the best ways to express your love to someone, without coming out and saying it.

Did you support your wife emotionally? That is another reason why a spouse will wander. She may have felt that you didn't want to listen to her, or that she was bothering you when she tried to talk to her. Show her that you do care about what she thinks and how she feels. A rebound relationship never works for long, so you have to be there when it comes crashing down.

Let her know that you see she is hurting, and that you are there for her when she needs someone to talk to. Tell her that, even though you are not together anymore, you still love her and you still want her to be happy.

Knowing that you are there if she needs you will give her a sense of protection, in a way. She will know that you will still be there for her, if and when she needs you.

The best way to win your wife back from another man is to wait until this rebound 'relationship' runs its course. She will find out fast that this other man isn't what she wants - he was only convenient. YOU are the one she married, and wants to be with, and she will realize it. Be there with open arms, and build a new relationship together.

Secrets Exceptional Husbands Know

They're everywhere. You search the internet for an answer to your marriage problem and you'll get a couple ads for some fix your marriage courses, a handful of articles and some counseling services sites. And the majority of what they're offering you is techniques. How to stop blaming. How to start connecting. How to make her attracted to you. But do techniques really work? And is that all you need? I'll uncover the truth about techniques and give you 4 other things you should be looking for to get the exceptional marriage you want.

Last week, I thought to myself, you know, it's always the crippled inmates who try to assault me. Waving their canes. Rising up out of their wheelchairs snarling with anger. The latest episode found me treating the poor wheelchair bound fellow on the hospital gurney. (I work as a prison paramedic in my day job.) When he decided he didn't agree with my diagnosis and took a swing at my head.

Now I have informally studied martial arts most of my adult life. So I know maybe a dozen defenses against the right cross that the inmate was aiming at my head. Technically I didn't need a dozen defenses. In fact, having a dozen defenses in my head was bad in a way, because time was of the essence. I didn't need a dozen, I needed one. One that worked and I needed it pronto. And not in my head. Not even in my heart where some things can end up after enough repetition. No, I needed it in my hand.

This situation illustrates the problem with techniques. While they are often elegant and effective, their specificity which in some ways is their greatest strength, also is their downfall. On that level, for each form of attack you need a defensive technique. Not only is that information too much to master effectively in a life time, but it is not even enough. Because imagine if every time your opponent came at you with a right cross you used the same defensive technique. Soon he would figure you out and find a way around it.

What does all this have to do with your marriage? Well, your wife challenges you with dozens of situations and moods daily. If you're looking to repair things on the technique level, you are fighting a losing battle. Below I will give you a list of what else there is.

1. Tools. In martial arts, tools are punches, kicks, blocks and holds. In marriage they are giving, taking, asking and answering. Tools are the building blocks of techniques, but are more versatile. By practicing the various forms of each tool, you get a pretty wide-ranging arsenal. But tools fall short also, because on their own they lack guidance.

2. Principles. The guiding beliefs and understanding of what you are about and what relationships are about and your relationship in particular stands for are your principles. A thorough and solid understanding of your principles is necessary to guide your effective use of the tools. With principles the tools have an over-arching message and meaning that can build your relationship. However, even principles are not enough to build the truly exceptional marriage.

3. Projects. Principles will guide you, but to get the full traction possible from them, you will need to dream up, design and deliver projects. A project might be a well-executed date night. Or a weekend trip for the family. It could be organizing the chores and cleaning schedule so it runs more smoothly. Or it might be taking the boys to a local semi-pro baseball game while the missus has an escape at the local spa. Anything goes. Use your imagination. You're getting closer. There is one more level to master to reach exceptional.

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