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My Wife Has Given Up On Our Marriage (What To Do When Your Wife Has Checked Out Of The Marriage)

It hurts to have to say my wife has given up on our marriage? It's painful when it happens, and it's frustrating to figure out how to turn it around. Today might just be your best chance to learn what to do when your wife has checked out of the marriage!

By Amora StevPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

It obviously takes two to make a marriage work. You already know this since you and your wife have been together for some time. You two are a team and over the course of your relationship, you've discovered how to best complement each other. This is exactly how most marriages thrive and survive. The couple finds a way to work together towards their mutual goal which is a fulfilling, and rewarding life with each other and their children. Unfortunately, that equation doesn't always work out the way you want it to. One person in the partnership may decide to throw in the towel before their partner is ready to. Such is the case with a wife who gives up on the marriage. If your wife has recently admitted that she's not sure marriage is in her future, you need to address this matter head on and full steam ahead. Your marriage is at stake, so roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Often, in a marriage that has some maturity one or both partners will begin to feel dissatisfied. There are many different reasons for this but essentially it tends to be more of an issue with individual expectations as opposed to marital expectations. In other words, if one partner isn't happy with themselves, that will manifest itself as unhappiness with the marriage. It's difficult to not take all of this personally if your wife is repeatedly complaining about how bad your relationship is or how unfulfilling being your partner is. You do need to take an emotional step back and look at what she's feeling from a neutral point of view. Consider her life as a whole and whether or not she's where she wants to be in a career sense and also whether she's truly happy with the person she is. If her life has become a shadow of what she wanted it to be, that will definitely impact your connection with her.

Talk to your wife in a gentle and compassionate way about what she's feeling in terms of your marriage. If she's unable to pinpoint what is making her give up on your connection, then it's likely that it is indeed a problem that is stemming from her displeasure with herself. If she does have reasons for why she doesn't see a future for the relationship, embrace and address those. If you instead take a defensive stance when your wife starts sharing with you what is making her unhappy, your marriage will stay in the stagnant place it is and your wife will eventually decide to throw in the towel and walk away. Ignoring what's wrong it not going to fix it.

Sometimes all that is required is for you two to start acting like a married couple again. This may sound shallow when it's very obvious that the two of you are dealing with issues of great depth and gravity, but it's worthwhile advice to follow. Many couples simply lose touch with one another because they allow all the other issues in their lives to take center stage. When was the last time you took your wife out for dinner just so the two of you could talk? Do you spend time on the weekends just having coffee or hanging out with each other? If you've lost sight of your wife's emotional compass, you need to find it again. This is the woman you married, and the woman you've worked hard to build a life with. Put some strong effort into showing her that she's still your treasure. Your extra attention may help her realize why giving up on the marriage will be the biggest mistake of her life.

Fixing a Failing Marriage - Save Your Marriage From Divorce

Is your marriage falling apart and you want to save it? Divorce is a common thing now, maybe because most couples think that it is the best solution when things are getting difficult in their marriage. But in the end some couples realized that divorce is not the easiest thing to do. If you want to avoid divorce, it is important to know the best ways of fixing a failing marriage.

Keeping a marriage is not easy. It takes a lot of work and dedication to keep a long-lasting relationship. If you are facing troubles in your marriage, it can be very helpful to know the best ways of fixing a failing marriage. Here are some tips:

Recognize the signs. An important thing that couples should know is that they should not ignore the signs of a troubled relationship. You cannot ignore the signs because things may get worse in the end. Although it is difficult to fix the troubles in a relationship, you both have to recognize the signs and do something about it. In fixing a failing marriage, you have to know what went wrong and how things get ugly in your relationship.

Give each other space. If things are getting difficult and arguments are getting intense, then back off. Give each other space to think and breathe. This does not mean you have to move out but just give each other time to think things over. Sometimes people say things they didn't mean when they are upset or angry. Let things cool down before making any decision. In fixing a failing marriage, you have to clear your head with any negative emotions like anger. You have to think things with a clear head to be able to make sound decisions.

Communicate and review your commitment to each other. Due to the demands of married life, couples tend to forget their commitment to each other. Couples may see each other everyday but do no have quality time to talk to each other. They tend to just assume or read each other's mind thinking that they already know what their spouse is thinking. It is important to communicate and talk to each other heart to heart. You will be surprised how things will change and how communication can resolve years of misunderstanding. Communication is very important in fixing a failing marriage.

If you think you and your spouse cannot handle the situation on your own, divorce is not the only solution. Seek professional help. There are people who can help you restore the love and affection in your marriage.

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