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My Wife Doesn't Respect Me At All (How To Earn Respect From Your Wife)

If you're saying my wife doesn't respect me at all, then you're probably thinking that it's going to be nearly impossible to get her to worship you. However it is possible, though it may take a little bit of work. This article will show you exactly how to earn respect from your wife.

By Everly NovaPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

Many men worry if they are treated with disrespect, they think they have to do something about it. They believe that it is a knock on their dignity and that they must be doing something wrong. This belief is at the heart of what leads you to live as an ordinary man and not an exceptional one. If you would like to become exceptional and enjoy the benefits that go along with it, you must come to terms with what respect is and what it isn't.

Respect is a process of behaving in a way that demonstrates where you see value. Many people say they value one thing, but their actions say something quite different. In my definition, respect is all about what you do.

Exceptional husbands live in a way that is respectable. This is not the same as getting respect from everyone. In fact, you may only get respect from a select few individuals. But these individuals are important in that they share your values. The respect you get tells you something very important about who those people are and who they are not.

Respect is nice and feels good when you are the recipient. However, in my opinion this is not the purpose of respect. Respect is simply to demonstrate your values. When a woman respects a man if it makes him feel good about himself, it is largely because he doesn't respect himself enough.

Many men put a lot of weight on the opinion of the woman in his life. If she is happy with him, he is on top of the world. But if she gets upset, his whole mood can crash. This is a mistake.

When a man respects himself, he is immune to the moodiness or judgements of his wife. And as such is in a much better position to help her rise above her mood and join him in enjoying their time together more fully. He can lead her and allow himself to be lead by her freely.

A man can learn to respect himself by learning more about what he likes and doesn't like. And by actively pursuing a more complete understanding of what it is he is meant to do with his life. Men frequently shy away from such "heavy" pursuits because they feel they can wait on them and because they are unsure what exactly it is they are called to do.

This is a mistake. Because there is no spare time in your life. Every second life is slipping away. And the second reason men shy away from trying to figure out why they are here is because no one knows perfectly what he is meant to pursue. Ordinary men fear picking the wrong thing. The exceptional man knows there is no such thing. You just have to pick something. There is no perfect thing. Just do something.

Three Easy Steps to Overcoming Common Marriage Problems

The very first step that you must remember is:

1. No marriage can survive without communication! Learn to talk and listen.

Depending on the kind of personality you have, you may already have a more difficult time talking even when there are no real problems confronting you. If you tend to keep your thoughts to yourself it is probably more difficult for you to say what you are thinking when there is pressure involved. There may be other people in your life who tend to speak for you and you are happy to just stay quiet. Like it or not, you are going to have to break that habit if you intend to succeed in your relationship. You can start by simply talking more and saying what you think about things.

Overcoming common marriage problems begins with understanding communication is a two-way street. Some people believe that once they say what they think, the conversation is over. Perhaps you know someone like that. If they do give you a chance to speak they are not listening, they are thinking about what they are going to say next and are just waiting for a break in your sentence. Real communication involves not only speaking but listening. Real listening, not just hearing the words. Listening requires confidence because you may be told some things that are unpleasant to you. However, in order to build a strong relationship, both partners will have to learn to allow the other person to speak freely without intimidation.

2. Look for things to love in your spouse.

The truth is, no matter what condition your relatlonship is in now, you did grow in love with the person to whom you are now married. The things that you loved about that person are still there. They may be covered with dust and have atrophied through disuse, but those loveable traits remain. Remind yourself of them and begin loving them again. Rekindle some of the thoughts and feelings you had when your relationship first began to grow. Listen to the music you listened to years ago. Find that special perfume or cologne that your spouse wore and allow the fragrance to take you back to the early days. If you can only find one thing to love in your spouse, love it with all your might and it will begin to grow.

3. Don't resist the inclination to love your spouse again.

Perhaps you have already made what you consider to be a final decision to get out of the relationship. You think there is no way back and yet there is something in you that resists ending your marriage once and for all. Pay attention to that inclination to forgive and love again. Forgiveness is a powerful thing and it can bring healing to a marriage that seems to be beyond all hope. Overcoming common marriage problems must include forgiveness.

Obviously, if you are in a relationship with someone who is abusing or hurting you, then the time to get out was a while ago. Get help and get it now. If the breakdown in your relationship is a result of other problems that have accumulated resulting in an end of communication and caring, there is definitely hope that your marriage can be renewed and strengthened again.

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