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My love story

by Dpyadav Yadav 3 months ago in love

Awesome feeling

StartI am still living my awesome love story. She is not with me, not in my city, nor in my state. Sometimes I get her messages and it makes me feel that nothing has changed. Even if I want to change anything she won't let it.

It is a very different kind of bonding we have, at least I believe this.

It sounds immature right?

But believe me, its not!

Its been said that a life full of beautiful experiences is a life fully lived.

Till now, whatever beautiful experience I had it became possible just because of her.

When I entered my first year in college, I was this average boy with short hairs, slim body and ugly teeth. Later I also entered the list of Year Drop in after my first year. The few friends I had made, went ahead of me. I was suffering, feeling like a loser.

When I first met her, believe me I was not at my best. It was a time when I had started clearing the shit I had made and had started working on getting my confidence back. I didn’t wanted to remain a loser. I wanted to prove that I was a strong player, who had just lost one game.

All this started when I started hanging out with her. You know there are many, who haven’t seen the various dimension of the world - like how does it feel to be someones best friend, how does it feels to be given an important place in someones life. I had started feeling all this, slowly but continuously.

I had started acting weird and started to distance myself from the ones who never believed in me. I started to experience different things and listen to the ideas which was way out my minds radar.

And that is why I concluded that she was just perfect.

Everything she said made sense to me. whether it is not liking a particular person, or smoking cigarettes was actually a rational behavior.

Some used to think that she was wasted, but believe currently they are nowhere near to where she is. She is living her dreams in the way she wants.She always somehow knew how to achieve great things. She behaved as if great things were meant for her.

And that’s where I got to learn the act of following my heart and to be courageous in life. Bold was her game. She taught me that if you are bold you can hit any goal.

One day she came to me and said I am dating someone. He is very cool and smart, you will definitely like him.

Yes, you are right! I crashed here. I had nothing to say and a lot of things to think. I left everything behind and started my journey again to the loser part of my life. Actually it automatically started.

I used to think, I am not right for her. I don’t deserve her. And then to prove her that I am worth it I started to work really hard.

In following semesters my percentage kept on increasing, I had started building confidence. I still used to hangout with her and tried to understand her more. Everyone started noticing the change in me.

Change - That ‘s what she gave me. When she was leaving my city for her further studies. I was there with her. She broke up with that guy and became more mature lately but I was still with her.

Once while we were sitting on the stairs in college, She told me - you are important, how much you can’t calculate. That words are still there for me. She doesn’t love me that’s what she says and I never complain about it.


Dpyadav Yadav

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Dpyadav Yadav
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