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My Life After You

by Kira Rush 2 years ago in dating
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By Kira Rush


The way life works; we live and we die. Sometimes we come across amazing experiences and sometimes we meet some very interesting people. Then there’s love; love and lust. The two things that connects two people to what I call the “Holy Sin”.

My name is Honor Cole. A simple-minded college senior at LAU (Los Angeles University). It’s my last year in college and then I’m off to explore the world. I thought maybe this will be my year. Maybe I’ll finally find someone who will love me for me. Maybe I’ll finally know what love is.

I was always alone. I barely made friends other than my best friend Leana. She’s always had my back through all the rough times. My whole life I’ve been bullied because I was shy, or because my mom is white and my dad is black. I just always wanted to fit in with everybody else.

But then there was him....

Chapter 1:

It’s a loud and boisterous day at LAU, due to all the college festivities.

“ Miss Honor Cole; my best friend in the whole world, how are you?” Said Leana as she walked up to me from across the hall.

“Hey Lea, I’m fine. Maybe a bit sleepy.” I said right before I started yawning. “ Why so tired?” She said.

“Because you’ve been up playing music all night in our dorm” I said, shoving her.

We walked down the hall to our fashion textiles 101 class. As soon as we got to the classroom, I stopped. I looked up and further down the hall stood this very attractive new student. He was standing around talking to a bunch of other girls by the main office. I stared at him for at least 20 seconds and his eyes caught mine. Then I felt something push me.

“Hello? Paging Miss Cole, paging Miss Honor Cole!” Leana called out.

“Oh, sorry girl, I guess I was in a daze.” I said. “It looks more like you were eyeing the new guy over there.” Said Leana. “Whatever” I said laughing with her as we entered the classroom.

Class began and me and Leana took our seats in the back of the classroom. Leana looked at the door and tapped me on the shoulder... “Look, there’s your potential boo looking in.” Said Leana giggling. “Oh, stop it Leana.” I said laughing with her.

When class was over, me and Leana headed back to our dorm. As we were walking, we spotted a familiar face. “It’s him!” Leana said pointing to the the new student whom we saw looking in through the classroom door.

“What’s he doing here?” I said.

“Obviously waiting for you silly. Maybe you should go talk to him.” Leana said whispering in my ear.

Then I said “I can’t do that. What if...” Leana stopped me and said “He might like you, so go ahead.” We walked towards him and he starts to smile. “Omg he’s smiling” I said.

“I told you he likes you.” She said as she pushed me in front of him.

Leana walked up and saw me just staring at the new student. “Hi, my name is Leana and this is my best friend Honor.” Said Leana. He smiled some more and said “My name is Ace. Does your friend know how to talk for herself?” Both Ace and Leana looked at me.

“Yes I can speak for myself. My name is Honor. Honor Cole.” I said.

“Honor Cole, that’s a beautiful name.” Said Ace.

He looked me in my eyes. “Thank you Ace. My parents named me that after my grandfather past away in the army.” I said smiling back at him.

“Well I’ll catch you two later, see you around Honor.” He said as he walked off. Me and and Leana went back to our dorm.

Back at the dorm, I headed to my room and laid in my bed thinking about Ace. I heard a knock on my door and answered “come in!”

In walked Leana. “Are you okay? You haven’t said a word since we got back.” She said.

“Yeah I’m fine. Just tired, ya know?” I said.

“Well you go ahead and take a nap or something, alright?” Said Leana as walks out the my room. She gently closes the door behind her.

I started to close my eyes and drift into a warm slumber. After a while I start to dream about Ace. It was all a flashback of what just happened.


“....Does your friend know how to talk for herself?” He said.

“...My name is Honor. Honor Cole.” I said

“...that’s a beautiful name.” He said

Suddenly the dream shifted and I started to get emotional. My heart started pounding and I started to hyperventilate and I opened my eyes and hopped out of bed.

I went to the kitchen to get some water and I heard a knock on the door. “Who could that be?” I said trying to catch my breath.

Chapter 2:

I opened the door and to my surprise Ace was standing there. “Hey there!” He said.

“Hi Ace...” I said nervously.

“Can I come in?” Ace said smiling down at me.

“Yeah, I’m sorry... I’m just not feeling well at the moment.” I said.

“Are you alright?” Ace said worryingly.

“Yeah I’m fine.” I said leading him into the living room.

We sat down on the sofa in silence for a whole minute before he opened his mouth. “Hey, so would you like to go out with me tomorrow night?” He asked.

“Go out? You mean like a date?” I asked.

“Yea well you can call it a date.” He said giggling.

“I’ve never been on a date before.” I said acting so confused.

“Well I’ll make sure this will be your very best first date. How’s that sound?” He asked.

I thought to myself... Does he really wanna take me on a date? What if this is a prank? All these questions flowing through my mind. What am I going to do? Maybe I’ll just say yes and let this play out or say no and he’ll have fun with those other girls.

“Hello?” Ace asked. “If you don’t want to you don’t have to go with me.”

“No I wanna go... on a date... with you!” I yelled out loud.

“That’s great. I’ll pick you up at 7pm tomorrow.” He said excitedly.

“Yeah that’d be great!” I said.

“See you tomorrow Honor, hope you feel better.” Said Ace as he was leaving my dorm.

I gave him one last look as I slowly shut the door behind him. Just then, Leana hopped out from around the corner like she’s been spying on me and Ace the whole time.

“So... are you really going?” She asked suspiciously.

“What do you mean Leana?” I asked.

“You know what I’m talking about... The date between you and Ace, silly! Leana said smiling and giggling.

I looked at her for a minute and let out a huge smile.

“I guess I am.” I said.

“Omg what are you gonna wear? What are you gonna do to your hair? Do you want me to do your makeup?” Leana asked.

“Slow down with all the questions girl. I don’t need all that...” I said thinking about what she said.

“Well he said it’s gonna be you’re best first date, so I think you should make it all count. Dress up and go have fun, ya know?” Leana said leading me to her room.

“What are we doing in your room?” I asked.

“We are gonna get you a new outfit to wear on your date. Something sweet, yet sexy.” She said.

“I don’t do sexy, Leana. I don’t even know how to be sexy.” I said.

Leana opened her closet and there’s clothes, shoes and handbags everywhere. “Like what you see?” She asked.

“Your closet is incredible Lea! Where did you get all this?” I asked.

“These are all from back home” She said.

All of her outfits were organized by color. There was lace and leather. Spandex too. They were all so sexy and I couldn’t imagine what I would look like wearing any of these.

“Why would I wear any of this?” I said.

“Do you wanna impress your date?” She said.

“Impress him?” I asked.

“Yes! I don’t mean to come off as reckless, but you should wear something to make him a little thirsty.” She said.

“Thirsty?” I asked.

“I mean to make him want you ya’know? Something that’ll make him wanna rip your clothes off.” Said Leana giggling to herself.

“ I don’t wanna do that. I don’t even know him.” I said.

“So what? Get to know him now, then get in his bed later and see what happens okay?” She said.

I thought about him once more.

“He is really good-looking though. Maybe.... no... I don’t know.... wait why am I even thinking about this right now?” I asked nervously.

“You want him, but seriously. See what happens and whatever you do, don’t back out.” She said.

“Okay, well I like this one.” I said pointing to this red laced dress with a high slit up the thigh.

“That’s perfect!” She said excitedly.

Chapter 3:

The next day....

Me and Leana was leaving class and I heard Ace calling my name as he rushed towards me grinning.

“Honor! Hey, how are you?” He asked.

“Hey, I’m good.” I said smiling.

“I hope you’re ready for our date tonight.” He said.

“Oh I am.” I said giggling with Leana.

“She’s totally ready.” Said Leana.

“That’s great! See you tonight, Honor.” Ace said walking away.

“See you tonight!” I said.


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