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My Husband Says He Has Been Unhappy For Years (Husband Says He Was Never Happy)

Are you sitting there worrying, thinking to yourself my husband says he has been unhappy for years, what can I do about it? If so I'm so sorry because that's a terrible awful place to be. I know because I was right there as well. The fact is that a lot of women get to a point where they're thinking my husband says he was never happy... but there are ways to save a marriage in this circumstance.

By Hailey SadiePublished 2 years ago 5 min read

One of the best ways to make your husband happy is to laugh a lot. There is nothing worse for a husband than to be greeted by a miserable face when he comes home from work.

Before you can be happy for your husband though, you have to feel happy inside yourself. So it's important to understand and know yourself in order to create a happy and contented home for you and your husband.

In order for you to be happy you have to enjoy the things you're doing in your life. Work and children can take over but it's essential you create 'you' time and develop your creative side. By making time to keep your hobbies alive you'll be happier inside and it will show.

Be affectionate. There is nothing like a cuddle or a kiss to eliminate the day's woes from your husband's mind. If he knows he's coming home to a loving wife and children it will cement the marriage. Keep yourself clean and attractive. Don't let family or tiredness take away your dignity and your self esteem. Try to keep yourself looking at the very best you can so that your husband will want to be with you and can't wait to come home.

After years of marriage this is not always easy, but it really can be achieved.

Always keep the home clean and make it a haven from the rest of the world. Keep the decor light and airy and have flowers displayed around the rooms to make them welcoming. If you can't always afford fresh flowers, then use artificial ones and perhaps decorate them with greenery from the garden.

Take time and trouble over preparing the evening meal. A pizza is all right occasionally, but it's hardly a romantic meal. You can plan in advance and perhaps prepare several dishes at the weekend in order to save you the time when you get home from work or from picking up the children. Think the meals through and try to choose things you know he particularly likes.

Sitting eating together is important in any marriage, as you can talk over the day's events and laugh or cry together. Talking things over and laughing at things together can make even the bad events of the day more tolerable. Laughter is very definitely the best medicine.

Sometimes it's good to give your husband space and quiet. He doesn't necessarily want to hear lots of girlie gossip, save that for your friends. Silence can be a sign of affection in that you are aware of his need for solitude and quiet. Respect that and leave him to relax.

When you go out together don't make him feel embarrassed because you are talking too loud and don't relate private things to others.

Compliment him and let him know you appreciate how hard he works for you and your family. Don't nag him about things he hasn't done, rather mention in a subtle way and let him end up thinking he's remembered it himself. A simple thing no doubt, but a good way to make your husband happy.

Save Your Marriage - Re-Fire the Desire

Having experienced the pain associated with a broken first marriage, and then within a second marriage experiencing a fracture, it became apparent that I needed a new set of eyes to view a marriage relationship with - if I wanted to save my marriage.

By introducing new information so that I could see and understand more clearly, I discovered that there are rather predictable principles that if followed would and did take my second marriage from the edge of divorce to a great marriage grounded in friendship. My wife and I have become best friends as well as lovers, this truly is also available to most of you that are reading this article.

When one partner in a marriage encounters a situation where their spouse is considering divorce and you, the other partner does not want a divorce, desperation can very quickly overtake you. Your instincts can be telling you that when a situation is desperate, then desperate measures are needed. This sets the stage for one to be led by spontaneous emotions moving the wounded partner (you) toward begging and apologizing to your spouse to save my marriage. Being led by your emotions, I have found is usually the opposite of what should and needs to be done. Please understand, desperation is not attractive and does not wear well on any one.

Winning the heart of your spouse is more connected to pleasant or happy memories connected to you. Think back to when you were dating, were you and your partner creating good memories together? And was not these accumulated good memories instrumental in each of you falling in love with each other? Can you see from this the importance of being led by quality, informed choices rather than heightened, emotional choices. When emotions are high, discernment is low with the opposite being also true, when emotions are low, discernment is high. Therefore choices that need to be made at a time when emotions are high can be greatly assisted from the wisdom of someone who has successfully walked a similar pathway.

Save My Marriage: Some initial steps

There is a tendency within all of us to want things that we cannot have, this understanding can be used to your advantage. For example, stop begging and apologizing repeatedly and instead begin to agree with your spouse that separation may be a good thing. This begins to set in motion the fear of loss within your partner and is one of the strongest emotions compelling your loved one to seriously proceed with caution and even reconsider the move towards divorce.

Are we not all moved, often with urgency, if we think we might lose something or something might be taken away from us. Consider for example the use of sales in the marketplace. When the closing date of a sale is approaching, it is the fear of loss that moves us to often make purchases by impulse rather than lose the advantage of a sale. From this example we can see the fear of loss is a very strong motivator, use this information wisely, by making your self suddenly become more attractive.

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