My Heart, My Love, My Forever and Always

by H.D. Garcia 2 years ago in dating

A short story/article that is for the love of my life.

My Heart, My Love, My Forever and Always

Being in a relationship is nice. It's a step closer of starting your own family. That is, if you are like me, and you date someone, not based on their looks or how much money they have, but that you could see yourself marrying-having a future.

I've been dating the same guy since September 26 of 2015. He's a respectful young man who cares about others more over himself. He's hard-working, he has a huge heart, and he gives so much—I'm not talking about materialistic things either.

Our relationship is absolutely great! We laugh, we love, we're completely comfortable being in each others presence. We both can be ourselves without either one of us casting judgeful glances. Sometimes we fight like a normal couple, but that only makes our relationship and love that much stronger.

We talk about marriage; but unlike most males, he actually wants to help me plan it when the time comes. We talk about having children—he has one child from a previous relationship, and I do claim her as my own.

When we first started dating, our relationship was bouncy? I guess I could call it that. We were both dealing with past experiences. We let our pasts overcloud our judgements of one another. We were just so scared of getting hurt once again. With that being said, our relationship was going downhill at a tremendously fast pace.

After about a couple of months of fighting, he decided that we needed to sit down and talk. He told me that we both need to think long and hard if we wanted this relationship. I wanted it, no doubt about it! I mean, I could see myself marrying this man! And he was wanting this relationship as well, which made me more than happy.

We got better after we both spoke about it. We didn't fight as much as we use to. After many days, like so many days, I started to grow to love the man. And me being a hopeless romantic, I told him that I loved him first. And to my astonishment, he told me that he's been in love with me for quite some time now. Let me tell you how happy I was to hear him tell me that! But the funny part about that situation is that I told his mom first. He really wasn't thrilled about that.

Now, through all of our difficult times, we are happy. We are, now, searching for a house so we can get started on our future, for many, many years to come. We are both ready to settle down.

Looking back now, I'm glad we chose to stay together. I couldn't imagine being with anyone else. To this day, we still fight every now and then. To this day, I still let my past haunt me, but I'm getting better with it not bugging me as bad. More than anything, we love more than all of the negativities in our life.

This article that I'm writing is pretty much for my man—I'm hoping that he'll read this. I'm wanting him to know that I remember our struggles, but I mainly remember our great memories we share together. I want the whole world to know how I feel about this man! He probably won't be too happy that I'm writing this for other people's eyes as well, due to the fact that he likes to keep our personal life between ourselves. But I feel like this is another good way to show my love for him, and to show that he's the only one that I want to spend the rest of my life with.

With all of this being said, why not write a love note to your other half? It'll show that you took time from your busy schedule and that you were thinking about them. Trust me, they will love it.

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