My good friend


My good friend

A heart-warming word friend is the one who has the greatest wealth in your life. When you are down and down, the relatives who hear about it will never leave you, pull you and send you to the right path. He will not despise your present, even if you are in despair. He just remembered the sincere interactions with each other at the beginning, happy to have each other, no worldly vision, no heart to choose between righteousness and righteousness.

   Childhood is happy and innocent. It makes people reminisce about the time of a lifetime when they grow older. At that time, I didn't know the warmth and coldness of the world, and there was no distinction of status, only the laughter among the companions. I have three of them playing till night, and three of my companions who are older than me. I remember that I was a timid and introverted child, but when we were together, there were endless words and endless jokes. Often carrying his parents on his back, go swimming and play in the wild, secretly hitting the old hen and big yellow dog of the neighbor's house. When it’s okay, I can play poker all day, my face is covered with notes, or a cup of water, when I was drunk by the loser, my stomach hurts...

   The time of childhood is beautiful, but it is fleeting. In a blink of an eye, two of my playmates went to school in the city, the other went to work, and I was sent to the city to study by my parents. Since then, we have rarely seen each other, only until the end of the year, or during the summer vacation, we can see each other. When we met, there was no fighting with each other, so much words, just talk about each other's situation, talk about each other's experiences outside, and then watch TV together...

   Maybe it's my natural temperament, maybe it's my parents' love too much, I am very uncomfortable with the boarding school life outside. From then on, my life seems to be no more happy. It’s hard to fall asleep every night, there is a little noise and I can’t fall asleep, and I have to study during the day. At that time, I missed my parents and my small mountain village all the time. My body was getting thinner and thinner. Over time, I couldn't support my thin body, and finally one day I chose to drop out of school. I didn't graduate from high school, and finally fulfilled my dream of thinking. I returned to the small mountain village and returned to my parents.

   Since then, I have been reticent and have difficulty falling asleep. What followed was dizziness, headache, malaise, a sharp decrease in appetite, chest tightness and chest pain, which followed. At that time, I felt that the strange eyes of others in the neighborhood, occasionally shrieked at me. I also often hear and feel the concerns of my parents. At that time, I couldn't feel the brilliance and beauty of the sun, or the goal and future of life. Suddenly one day, the thought of death suddenly popped up in my mind, using death to end the pain and loneliness.


   I sneaked out of the house, wanted to drink the pesticide in the bottle, and wanted to end all the pain at this time. In the repeated ideological struggles, reason and sobriety prevailed, and the medicine bottle was shattered by me. I remembered that I was an only child, knew the existence of my parents, and thought of the loneliness in the future, tears burst out in an instant... I secretly returned home, as if nothing happened. It's still mine, the door doesn't come out, still my quiet words, still my closed door...

   Remember that it was an afternoon, I just woke up, sitting in front of the bed, and the sudden knock on the door awakened me. Unexpectedly, outside the door is a buddy I haven't seen for a long time, without the joy and hug of a long-lost reunion between friends. I am a person who seems to be isolated from the world. I remember that we didn't have a few words in the afternoon, but it was my brother's occasional inquiry. I didn't talk about my illness, but I occasionally felt that he knew me now.

   Since then, my friends always come to talk to me when they are okay. I remember one day in the afternoon, my buddy rode a motorcycle, and under his push, I went to play with him. From then on, he went to the village acquaintances to sit idle, to play chess, to play cards. Gradually I have more words, more happiness and smiles. One day my friend suddenly told me about my future plans and asked me to learn a craft. Later, my two buddies also came back. They both went to college, and I felt like people who had met the world. That afternoon, I was planning my future way out. In the end, I chose my current career, repairing, and spending time with my parents.

   The choice of life is not so smooth. I remember that when I first came here, it was the neglect of the hall, and even the cynicism of acquaintances. Later, my wife's arrival, the combination of the family, and the trivialities of firewood, rice, oil and salt all needed financial support, which made me feel disheartened and thought of giving up. But what can I do? My body's weakness tells me where to go. The bitterness in my heart has been talked to my friends more than many times, but they all persuaded me to persevere and persuaded me to think carefully about how to open up customers. People are like this sometimes, maybe some words, warm comfort and encouragement. It will be able to tell you to break out of the fog and usher in the day when the willows are bright.

   I remember that every time I was short of money, I borrowed money from my buddies. Every time I look at it with believing, that sentence, Sheng Ming will be good, day by day will be good, with the happiness you want...

   Thanks to the efforts of my wife and I and the encouragement of my buddies, the days have gradually embarked on the right path. In addition to the current repairs, it also has its own shop. There are too many buddies' financial aid, guidance and reference on the road. I never uttered the words that moved in my heart and told my buddies. Because I feel there is no need. I don't want to use the words of the world, I am afraid that I will taint each other's feelings by accident. I just want to spend my whole life, to warm, to remember, to perceive, to remember the true possession of this life...

Robyn Cannella
Robyn Cannella
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