My First Lesbian Relationship Pt. 4

by Jordan Payne 2 years ago in lgbtq

February 2014 - April 2014

My First Lesbian Relationship Pt. 4

At this point in our relationship, we weren't even together for six months yet and life events were taking its toll on both me and my fiancé. She was dealing with all of the stress from her family drama and I was stressing because I was hearing all of what was going on and there was absolutely nothing that I could do to help. From Thanksgiving, up until now everything was going wrong for us. Not with our relationship but with all of the outside factors. Things just could not go right for us... and it hasn't changed since.

So my fiancé came back to LA with her sister and her dog, Nala. She was able to stay with one of her aunts but that house was literally a mad house. Her aunt had her own dogs, three kids, and always had company. Where were she and her sister supposed to sleep with Nala? When would they even get to sleep with all of the coming and going of house guests? And let's not mention the, how can I put it, unwanted house guests.

There were many nights where my fiancé and Nala stayed with me at my mom's house so she could get a full night of sleep without being woken up. Her sister would stay at her aunt's house with her cousins. It's like she knew even way back then that she could always find comfort with me. Some nights when my fiancé would spend the night with me she would bring Nala along with her. Nala was well behaved for the most part; she just didn't trust easily.

Okay, I'm getting sidetracked. So obviously with all of this drama going on, you guys are probably wondering when my fiancé has time to work. Well through all of this, she would work at a law firm. She bartends there when they hold events for clients. This job is on call so while she was going through everything with her parents she was able to take the time off until she got settled.

While my fiancé was living with her aunt, she was able to start working again but this was only once a week (sometimes only once every two weeks). With her barely working, it made it hard for her to pay all of her bills on time. The struggle was REAL! I still was unable to help with much other than making sure she and Nala had food to eat.

At some point, my fiancé moved from one aunt's house to another aunt's house. I can't remember why she chose to move. It could have been because of the fact that the aunt she was staying with constantly had a ton of people in and out of the house. Her other aunt's house wasn't much better with the foot traffic though.

This stay with the other aunt didn't last long. I went on a cruise with my mom and grandma for Easter weekend and I left Dodger with my fiancé and Nala at my house. She stayed there with my mom's husband. Over those three days, he told my fiancé that she should just move in with us. When we got back home, my mom agreed so she and Nala FINALLY moved in with us!

This is when things started to look up for her! My fiancé finally had some stability after the stressful few months that she's had. Within a few weeks of moving in with my family my fiancé also landed a stable job at Starbucks!!! This was a huge sigh of relief for her. She was working at the firm but like I said, it was on call. Now she had a steady job with steady income AND she had a quiet place to lay her head where she and Nala could sleep comfortably.

Jordan Payne
Jordan Payne
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