My First Lesbian Relationship Pt. 3

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New Years Day 2014 Through February 2014

My First Lesbian Relationship Pt. 3

*Brace yourself for an emotional story*

So I believe that I left off on pt. two with my fiancee's ex texting her to wish her a Happy New Year. Like I said before, I was obviously upset over this. For one, that woman literally cost her nearly $1,000 in damages and two, they both moved on. Why was my fiancee on her mind? And aside from that, did she really think my fiancee would want to hear from her?

I flipped out and blew the text out of proportion. I wasn't mad at my fiancé, I was mad because of all of the trouble her ex caused for us and I took it out on my fiancé. I left mad that night and went to work the next morning. My fiancé texted me to clear things up and really just to comfort me. We talked it out and moved on from the situation after that.

On Jan. 2nd, I left on a cruise with my grandma, my grandpa, and my little sister. I left my fiancé on Dodger duty for the weekend. She took Dodger to Moreno Valley to go see her mom. At this point, Dodger was just over three months old. He had all of his shots and was cleared to be around other dogs. My fiancé's mom had taken one of Dodger's litter-mates so he got to reconnect with one of his siblings.

Fast forward to both of us coming home. The rest of January was a blur. Basically January was good up until the moment that it wasn't. One day my fiancé was napping at her dad's house with her dog and Dodger's dog mom, Nala. Her dad had company at the house and wanted Nala to go outside while his guests were there. My fiancé told him that Nala was napping with her and that she wouldn't bother his company. Her dad didn't listen and tried to tell Nala to get up, but Nala didn't listen (she was VERY stubborn). At this point, her dad was mad and tried grabbing Nala by her collar. WRONG MOVE. Nala growled back because she felt threatened. He was aggressive and she got defensive. Understandable.

At this point, my fiancé got upset. Her dad threatened to take Nala to the pound when she didn't listen, but she wasn't doing anything wrong! My fiancé told her dad that if Nala leaves, then she's gone too. He had no problem with this and basically pushed her out the door (guess he was waiting for the opportunity to get her out) with the dog. At this point she had herself, her car, and her dog with some of her clothes in her trunk.

They slept in her car that night. There is a park around the corner from her dad's house so she just parked there and slept. Her dad never called to see if she was safe, never checked to see if Nala was okay, nothing. Guess he really did want her out of his house. The next day my fiancee got in contact with her mom and told her what happened between her and her dad. Her mom told my fiancee that she can go to Moreno Valley with Nala and stay with her, so my fiancee went.

My fiancé's stay in Moreno Valley was VERY short lived. I don't think it lasted even a week. My fiancé, her sister, her mom, and her mom's boyfriend had went to a casino one night when an argument broke out. I couldn't tell you why they were arguing. I don't remember the details. In the end, my fiancé's mom ended up leaving her and her sister at the casino. Her mom's best friend had to pick them up to take them back to her mom's house. At this point, a fight broke out. Cops were called, threats were made, names were thrown back and forth... it was BAD. My fiancé and her sister got thrown out of her mom's house. My fiancé's mother chose her loser ass boyfriend over her own daughters.

Once again, my fiancé didn't have a place to lay her head. This time, it wasn't only her and her dog, but also her sister living out of her car with them. My heart was literally broken for them. I couldn't do anything to help them. I was working a dead-end job literally barely making enough to feed my own dog and pay to cheer, so how could I help her? It is so hard to watch someone that you love struggle and only be able to watch and listen helplessly.

My fiancé and her sister decided to come back to LA after that with Nala. Even though they didn't really have a place to sleep, they have family out here that can at least feed them. My fiancé is very prideful and doesn't like to ask for help because obviously there are people out there who help only with the intention to get something in return. So with her not wanting to ask for help but also having her sister and her dog, the only thing that she can think is: WHAT NOW?

Jordan Payne
Jordan Payne
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